December 3, 2013

That's A Pig

"That's a pig" is what Zoe said to me this morning while reading through one of her books! It's crazy to me that she is comprehending what she sees and then expressing it in full sentences to me.
After our whirlwind weekend we had another busy few days. Yesterday we went to the last Monday's with Mommy of the year. They have been having it at a new location and it is so much better because there is more space for the kids to run around. Afterwards we set off to do some shopping. We stopped by a new candy store called Rocket Fizz. Not only did they have unique candy they also had specialty sodas, vintage posters, and little gifts. We picked up a chick-o-stick, whistle candy, a mini Toblerone, a lollipop, and a few stocking stuffer's for Nick. We also stopped by Loft where I picked up a much needed basic striped shirt and a cardigan on sale. Zoe was ready for her morning nap so we headed home. We stayed home the rest of the day because we had to wait for the GE repairman to fix our microwave. We are happy to have our convenient microwave back!
Today Zoe and I had a lazy morning. I was planning to go grocery shopping but the fog was so scary we stayed in. We went to My Gym in the afternoon (they had the train today!) and I dropped Zoe off at home for her afternoon nap. Nick took a day off so he was able to watch her while I went to the grocery store. Even though I stocked up on some good stuff I decided to make Stouffer's enchiladas and rice. It was pretty good but a little spicy. I got the party size and we finished all but one!
 Can you spot my little sprinter?
 Matching kitty shoes.
 Trying to catch all the bubbles.
Watching the train rides.
 You can't tell but she loves the train rides.
My little dancing queen danced for the entire song.

Thanksgiving/Christmas/My Birthday In San Antonio

Whoa that title is a mouthful! We left for La Vernia bright and early on Thursday morning. We got to visit with my Grandma, Aunt Diane, Uncle Mike, Abby, Will, Matthew, and Gaga. On Friday Zoe and I went to visit Rob at Heights Tuxedo and had lots of good leftovers. That evening we met the Joneses at the JW Marriott to exchange gifts. Matthew and Zoe even got to make their own stuffed animals! We walked around and looked at the lights before dinner. 
On Saturday I was very busy. I had appointments all day. I was able to grab some Bill Miller's for lunch in between shopping and appointments. After my busy day I met up with family and friends at Paesano's for my birthday dinner. The food was delicious as usual and the company was even better. Zoe was so tired she ran to the bedroom and was trying to get into the pack and play on her own when we got home. The next morning we slept in and lounged around. On our way out of town we stopped by Starbucks for my free birthday drink. I even got to take a nap in the car! We met the Strawn's at Ephesus for dinner and everyone loved it. We all had Turkish beer/wine. It was the perfect ending to a perfect long weekend with family and friends.
 Mmmm toys.
 Matthew practicing his walking.
 Tried to get a picture of both babies with their stuffed animals- not happening.
 My cappuccino pie!

November 2013 Favorites

1. Visine- I have had this bottle of Visine for a while. I finally got up the courage to use it and I can't believe what I have been missing! I've worn contacts for 20 years (wow that sounds like forever) but I've never been able to put drops in my eyes. I usually have someone else do it. This stuff is great for refreshing your eyes throughout the day. It doesn't sting or smell funny.

2. Sonicare Toothbrush- This toothbrush is very old but in the past I bought some cheap-o Target replacement heads and they sucked. I recently bought the Sonicare brand and they reminded me how great this toothbrush is. I really can't use a manual toothbrush and have my teeth feel clean after using this. It's worth splurging on!

3. Nordstrom- I know I talk about this place constantly and I promise I'm not affiliated with them in any way. I just really love Nordstrom. They have exceptional customer service, free shipping, a reward system, great sales, and, most importantly, quality goods. It's been my go-to place for gifts and holiday party dresses for Zoe and myself.

4. Zicam Rapidmelts- Ok, every time I get sick my mom tells me to take this stuff. I take it once or twice and get impatient and stop. The Friday before Thanksgiving I woke up with a sore throat so I decided to take Zicam but this time I would take it every 3 hours for the next 48 hours. I knew I didn't have time to be sick before our trip to San Antonio. It actually worked! I felt great all weekend (even getting Zoe's Christmas shopping done), I felt kind of gross Monday, but I was back to feeling great on Tuesday. On Wednesday evening I stopped taking it. So I felt pretty good with the exception of a few hours during that time period. I highly recommend this but you have to take it as soon as you start to feel sick and you have to take it every three hours.

5. Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies- YUM. When I see these in stores I know the holiday season is near. I get these every year (multiple times) and eat them all. This year Zoe is my partner in crime.

6. Counting Cookies- Now technically this was only used for 2 days in November by Zoe but she freaking LOVES it. Gaga gave it to her as a Christmas present and she has been playing with it non-stop. She takes it everywhere and loves to take the cookies out of the jar and pretend to eat them. She will also feed them to other people and put the cookies back into the jar. Each cookie has a number on the back that corresponds with the number of chips on the front. She can even count to three with them! Gaga bought this at Learning Express.

7. Target Melt Evergreen Candle- I found this randomly in Target after my Thymes candle was all burned up. I haven't actually lit it yet because it is so pretty to look at. But it smells incredible all by itself.

8. Cobblestone Cottage- As you can tell, I have been doing a lot of shopping in November (I actually got all of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving). This is my favorite boutique and it is great for unique gifts. I got Zoe's Thanksgiving and Santa outfits here along with a mini Lamby she picked out herself. In the past, I have gotten birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, baby shower gifts, and things for myself. They have a little bit of everything- clothing, home decor, baby/kid stuff, jewelry, kitchenware, etc! Cobblestone Cottage is located at Cinco Ranch Blvd. and Commercial Center Blvd.

9. Pet Rescue Saga- I know, so cheesy. I clicked on an ad in Candy Crush and now I am addicted to this game. It's very similar to Candy Crush (5 lives, breaking colored blocks, harass Facebook friends for lives). For some reason I like it better. Thank you to all my Facebook friends who feed my addiction. Pet Rescue Saga is free and can be downloaded for Apple or Android.
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November 23, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

In case you couldn't tell by the title a cold front has come in (as well as preparations for Thanksgiving and Christmas). I kept Zoe home on Thursday even though she no longer had a fever. She was still sneezing a bit but nothing to be worried about. We received our holiday dresses as well as an early gift from Santa.
On Friday morning after the cold front rolled in I woke up with a sore throat (boo!). I'm not sure if I caught whatever Zoe had or it's just from the change in weather. Normally, I let it run it's course but we are going out of town for Thanksgiving and I don't have time to be sick. So I took a Zicam as soon as I had food in my stomach and downed hot tea with honey and lemon. I had soup the rest of the day (along with tons of snacks) and stuck to my Zicam schedule. So Zoe and I were stuck inside for another day. I wouldn't have gone out anyways because it was freezing AND raining. 
Today my throat felt a little better and I am still taking Zicam. I even felt good enough to pick up lunch from Zoë's Kitchen. Nick was kind enough to take my grocery list to the store- we will see how well he stuck to it.
In other news, little princess must be going through a growth spurt because she has been taking her afternoon nap. She has great timing so I have been taking a nap in the afternoon as well. Here are some pics of us staying cozy and warm inside and of Zoe's gift from Santa. 
P.S. You know it's cold when your hot natured husband is shivering under a blanket with the thermostat set to 70. 
 Things I shouldn't be doing- playing with the blinds edition.
 Trying to open her gift from Santa.
 Kisses for key.
 Zoe sitting in her gift from Santa!
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November 20, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Hello everyone! I was busy doing laundry and dishes (so much more now that the microwave is broken because I have to use a pan on or in the stove) so I was too tired to blog last night. On Monday night Zoe was sneezing quite a bit. But when she woke up yesterday morning she was no longer sneezing. So we went about our day. We went to My Gym in the afternoon and then made a very quick trip to the grocery store.
She didn't sneeze at all last night so I thought I was in the clear. However, she woke up with a runny nose and a very low temperature today. After I cleaned her face and fed her breakfast she was in a great mood! Her fever has disappeared as of tonight and she was extra active. So I have no idea if she has a very mild cold or just had a random runny nose. That girl keeps me on my toes!
Zoe's dressy holiday shoes arrived via UPS today and we are still waiting on some parts for our microwave (among many other online shopping purchases). The repairman is supposed to come tomorrow so hopefully we will get a package in the morning! 
Here are a few photos from yesterday and today.
 She grabbed the mustard out of the fridge yesterday and has been carrying it around since.
 Now some mustard on the kitty (or key as Zoe says).
 Now some mustard for her tummy.
 And more mustard for kitty's tail.
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