April 29, 2013

OOTD: Monday + Starbucks Mini Haul

We had quite the eventful night last night. While I was making dinner it got incredibly hot inside the living room/ kitchen. I assumed it was because I had three burners and the oven on. Nick took a fan out of our bathroom and placed it in the kitchen as well as turning on the stove vent. But nothing seemed to help. Even as I was putting Zoe to bed I was hot. After that Nick went to check the thermostat because I never complain about it being too hot inside the house. He discovered the air conditioner wasn't working! The fan was on but it was not blowing cold air. He went up to the attic to change the filter hoping that would work. Nothing. Then he went outside to look at the unit. Nothing. Then he tried switching the circuit breaker off and on. Nothing. We gave up because it was getting late (and we have no experience with a/c). So we turned up all the ceiling fans and put an oscillating fan in Zoe's room. Nick stayed home from work today so we called two different companies to come out. Luckily, one company was able to come around 1:30 and fix it. I was at the grocery store with Zoe but Nick told me an animal chewed through a wire! It never got unbearably hot, I got cold while I was sleeping but I'm glad to have it fixed. Nothing bothers me more than broken stuff, especially around the house!

Zoe and I went to the grocery store today while Nick stayed home to wait for the air conditioner to be looked at. I snagged the last fun shopping cart (you know with the little car in the front) for Zoe. She happily sat in the driver's seat with a snack and some toys. Those things are a pain in the rear to maneuver. We stopped by Starbucks first (shocker!) and I noticed a bunch of carts with boxes. They were putting new merchandise on the shelves! I was drawn to the hot pink dome lid of this cup and I knew it would be perfect for summertime (anytime, really). I already have two tall and two grande sized frappuccino cups but I HAD to have this larger size. After getting home from the grocery store we decided to stay in. It was supposed to rain a lot again but we just had a tiny bit of a drizzle. So we all just had a cozy night in!

Here is my new 24 ounce cup. It came with a hot pink dome lid, a light green flat lid, and an extra long straw.

And I also got some cold to-go ice cubes!

Zoe playing with Pixie. Actually she was rubbing a toy all over Pix.

I love my husband for taking my OOTD photos but I don't love it when he snaps pics of me getting ready!

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  1. I tried to find that cup at my Starbucks no success will keep looking I need one Jack warped mine in the dishwasher

    1. My first bog comment! Keep looking- for all I know they may have put them out early at my Kroger. :)

  2. Will do. Glad you guys are cool now.