April 22, 2013

Our Weekend in Dallas

So I realized I'm not a very good blogger yet. I forgot my camera at home and even though I had my phone and iPad I did not take very many pictures. I was just that smitten with Matthew!

My mom, Nick, Zoe, and I left for Dallas on Saturday morning. Once we arrived we got to hang out with Will, Abby, and Matthew. He is almost three months old and I can't believe how much he has grown up! He is such a happy baby- always smiling or laughing. Abby made a delicious dinner for us (including homemade rosemary bread- YUM) and the girls and babies went to bed early while the guys stayed up to watch a boxing match. On Sunday morning we had the pleasure of attending Matthew's baptism. It was a beautiful service and I didn't have to take Zoe outside once. After church we headed next door to have lunch at the Stephenson's. It was such a nice day that we ate our hamburgers outside. Zoe even had her own mini hamburgers. We just relaxed and watched the dogs run around the backyard. Then it was time to make the drive back home. We stopped in Fulshear at Essence House Cafe because Subway was already closed for the night. My mom decided to spend the night and leave for San Antonio early the next morning. I was so tired I didn't even hear her leave!

We had a great weekend visiting with the Joneses! We can't wait to see them again.

Matthew and Grandma. He is winking at me!

Cousin time on the play mat!

Zoe pinching Matthew's cheek.

Fun at Essence House Cafe.

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