April 7, 2013

Warning For Mothers of Babies/Toddlers

Hello everyone! I feel like a bad blogger for not posting anything yesterday but it was one of those days. Warning- if you are grossed out easily just skip right over this post.

Saturday morning I fed Zoe some pineapple followed by eight ounces of whole cow's milk. She has only been drinking milk for about a month now so it is relatively new to her. But she loves it and has never had a bad reaction. Long story short, we think the acid in the pineapple caused the milk to curdle and that made her throw up. We came to this conclusion after a quick Google search. Of course there were no credible sources that I can share with you all. Our source was a message board with other mothers. My next credible source was my mother but she had never heard of this happening before either. Zoe had no fever and was acting normally after we cleaned her up. We decided to keep her on the BRAT (banana, rice, applesauce, toast) diet the rest of the day along with apple juice instead of milk and she didn't get sick again. Today she is back on her regular diet and is doing just fine! I plan to call her pediatrician first thing tomorrow and see if they have heard of this happening. I will add an update to this post with the answer. Has this happened to any other mother's out there? Is there any particular food your baby or toddler is sensitive to?

Poor little baby taking a nap on her daddy.

UPDATE: I spoke with a pediatrician and she seems to think it was a one time thing. She said sometimes kids just react bad to certain combinations. 

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