April 3, 2013

What I Wore: Wednesday

Top: Target
Skinny Jeans: Nordstrom | Similar
Sneaker Wedges: Nordstrom | Similar

Army Jacket: Nordstrom 

Today was rainy again. This made it hard to get out of bed and be productive. But I knew I had to return a couple things at the mall. Luckily my husband took the day off to rest so he stayed home with Zoe while I shopped returned my two items. I wanted to stay comfortable so I chose this new flowy top and my stretchy black skinny jeans. The wedges kept my feet warm and dry. I decided to wear my army jacket at the last minute because the hood would shield me from the elements. I love this jacket so much. It's incredibly versatile. The hood can be zipped up and the sleeves can be rolled up too. That's about all I did today, other than setting up this blog and being a mommy to Zoe!

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