May 24, 2013

OOTD: Friday

Today I woke up before Zoe! That normally doesn't happen but I caught up on reading some blogs as I watched her on the monitor. After her morning nap I decided we would go out to lunch. We ended up going to Chili's because all of the fast food places were packed! I'm talking lines out to the street and no parking spaces. Everyone decided to have fast food at 2:30 this afternoon which I find strange. So we had a quick lunch at Chili's and then stopped by Target. I had to get Zoe a dress for a wedding we are going to and I also found a cute pair of sandals in her size (which was a miracle because her size is always the most scarce). Of course, I also picked up some other clothes for her and some random groceries. My husband came home from work early so we played with Zoe until she took her second nap. We took that opportunity to take naps too! My husband had a few hard things to pick up so Zoe and I had dinner while he was out and played with the iPad. After Zoe went to bed we caught up on our DVR.
Not ready!

Top: Nordstrom
Pants: Similar
Sandals: Old | Similar
Bracelet: Similar
Nail Polish: Pixi- Paradise Pink
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