May 25, 2013

OOTD: Saturday

Today Zoe woke me up at 7:15. Of course, she went back to sleep but I could not. She still woke up earlier than normal though so our schedule today has been a little off. We had breakfast and while Zoe took her morning nap I got ready for the day. Then we both had lunch together and headed off to Starbucks to meet some friends. We caught up with old friends and even met some new ones! I stayed as long as Zoe would let me. As soon as we got home she zoomed off and went to play with Pixie. My husband worked half the day and came home to do yard work so he had a busy day! I did chores around the house while Zoe took her second nap. 
I also attempted (I say attempt because the consistency didn't turn out right) to make a Hamburger Helper meal from scratch. Yes, I love Hamburger Helper. It's my dirty little secret. I haven't made it in a while but I really wanted the cheesy hash brown version so I used what I had on hand. First, I peeled four small potatoes (they were organic russet so they are very small). After I got the skin off I just continued peeling to get something close to a hash brown. The I browned some ground turkey and added onion, water, milk, and butter to the cooked meat. I simmered it all until the potatoes were cooked. Then I turned the heat almost all the way up to brown the mixture. When I had browned both sides I added grated cheddar cheese, salt, and pepper. Like I said, they tasted great but the consistency was too mushy. Next time I will use less water/milk and I will sauté the onions with the meat. I may even buy the frozen organic hash browns to get that consistency right!
After dinner my husband and I played with Zoe and we are now watching the Spurs game. Go Spurs go!
What do we have here?
Partners in crime.

Today I went more casual with my Spurs shirt. I knew I would be wrangling Zoe at Starbucks so I opted for flats. I got these sandals quite some time ago (like five years ago) so I was surprised to find them on Amazon.
Top: Academy
Jeans: Old | Similar
Sandals: Sam Edelman
Earrings: Nordstrom
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