May 2, 2013

OOTD + Supermom + Starbucks + Zoe Pics

Whew, ever had one of those days where you felt like you were busy all day but didn't get a lot accomplished? That was today. Zoe woke up super early this morning (7:30 which I know is normal for most babies but not her, she needs 12 hours of sleep a night). So we had to skip story time at the library because she was taking her first nap! My first dilemma was what to wear (I know- first world problems!). But as all my fellow Texans know the weather here can change in an instant. The forecast went from warm, hot, windy, then cold. And I swear I felt raindrops at one point. After Zoe's nap and lunch we headed to Kroger. I stopped at Starbucks first try out my new cup and ice cubes.

When I pulled into my garage I could hear what I thought was an alarm beeping. I assumed it was the new house across the street because I could see people working over there. For some reason a bunch of the switches on our circuit breaker turned off and the fire alarm was beeping because it needed a new battery. Zoe freaked out over the noise so I was frantically trying to put groceries up, comfort her, and figure out how to stop the beeping (hence the Supermom). I put Zoe in her room for a nap, put the rest of the groceries up and looked up how to change the alarm battery. I did everything according to the directions but it was still beeping. So I gave in and just put it outside to beep. It totally reminded me of this Friends episode:

Zoe's serious face.

"Oh hi Dada!"

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P.S. We never got the fire alarm fixed but at least it's not beeping anymore!
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