May 9, 2013

OOTD: Thursday

Today Zoe and I started our day with story time at the library. Miss Judy is still on vacation but we had fun with Miss Charity. We also got to catch up with some friends. Zoe took an unusually long nap afterwards while I cleaned and ate lunch. After her lunch we headed to Target to return something and get a few things for this weekend. (Turns out Uncle Erik and Aunt Regina are coming next weekend but my mom is coming in town tomorrow!) We stayed in after our Target excursion because it was drizzling with a forecast of more rain. We never got that rain but we did get a power outage while I was putting together this post. Nick was on top of it though and called the electric company right away and there was a message saying it would be back on by 10. Thankfully, it was on an hour earlier than that. Of course, I thought the worst- zombie apocalypse and was slightly anxious. Nick played on his phone while I played on my iPad. We seriously need a deck of cards, some board games, and unscented candles so we are prepared for the next power outage.
Always with the books.
I like this picture because Zoe is walking but the background is a blur. :)
Waiting for my happy hour frap at Target.
Pixie wanted to join the picture.
This is one of the tops I got over the weekend at Nordstrom. I saw it on a sales girl in the shoe department and when I spotted it upstairs I knew I had to get it. The sides are split so a tank top or bandeau is a must. I also got this necklace over the weekend at New York and Company. I had been wanting a flower statement necklace but they all seemed so expensive. I don't know about y'all but I don't like spending a lot on trendy costume jewelry. And all of my real jewelry (diamonds, my watch, etc) have been gifts that I wear on a daily basis, over the years, or things I will pass on to Zoe one day.

Top: Nordstrom
Jeans: Old | Want
Sandals: Old | Similar

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