May 31, 2013


Zoe woke me up early this morning- the little stinker. But that's ok because I went to bed early last night after my glass of wine. We ate breakfast together and I started to get ready while she took her nap. Her nap was so long that I was about to scavenge for leftovers when she woke up. So I took that opportunity to go to Zoë's Kitchen for lunch. It was extremely crowded when we got there. It was so bad it was hard to find parking. While we were waiting in line I decided we would get our food to-go and I also got two extra meals for dinner. Zoe and I walked around outside while we waited for my food. Or rather, Zoe walked up to every table and stared until the people sitting acknowledged her and then she would start laughing. We talked to pretty much every person she went up to. Then she discovered her reflection in the windows and would smile and laugh while the customers inside waved to her. After that we stopped by CVS for some random things and picked up Nick's dry cleaning. We had a late lunch together and Zoe played a bit before I put her down for her second nap. She then played for another hour in her crib. She finally fell asleep and we all had a late dinner together. My meal came with a Greek salad so Nick had that along with the quesadillas and fruit that Zoe didn't finish from her dinner. Love those nights when I don't have to cook or clean!
Bye mommy!
Sorry but this is the only OOTD photo you are getting. It's been a long day and my husband was out with his telescope again. It was SO hot today. I was sweating every time I got out of the car. But these shorts are very comfortable and they are long enough for mommy duty.
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