June 27, 2013

Busy Thursday

Today Zoe and I were busy! We started our day early by going to story time at the library. Of course, I was running late and it was packed. But we got to sit right next to Miss Judy so Zoe enjoyed that. She spent most of her time walking around picking up random toys. She lightly bumped into a little boy at one point. They gave each other a funny look that made me and the other dad laugh. While Zoe took her morning nap I tackled a ton of laundry. I washed three loads of clothes today and I don't even know how many things I folded or hung up.
We didn't have any leftovers from last night so I decided we should have lunch at Zoë's Kitchen. I also had a coupon so we got a little discount. I was really surprised to see that it wasn't busy at all and there were plenty of tables to choose from. After lunch we stopped by Target to get a few things for this weekend. I ended up getting more than I needed though. Isn't that always how it goes at Target? Our cashier even commented that we are there all the time. I went to her line because she is one of the ladies who is always nice to Zoe.
I  took a break from laundry when we got back home and played with Zoe. But I was back at it while she took her afternoon nap. I was still putting things away by the time Nick got home. I finally finished after Zoe went to bed!

Zoe dancing. :)
So I'm not actually wearing any sandals here. It was the end of the day and I just didn't feel like putting them on for a picture. I have worn them many times before so everyone knows what they look like.
Top: Target
Shorts: Nordstrom
Sandals: Target
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June 26, 2013

Lazy Wednesday

Zoe and I had a relaxing day at home. She slept in til... 9:20! I was up an hour before her and I checked on her once before she woke up. That is how long she slept. She did go to bed later than usual last night so I guess she was catching up on her sleep. So that pushed our entire schedule back.
Does my hair look darker? I dyed it while Zoe took her morning nap and I'm really happy with the results. 
Top: Aftershock via Dillard's | Similar
Bermuda shorts: Old | Similar
Sandals: Target
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June 25, 2013

Yet Another Fedora Look

Today was another one of our typical days spent at Starbucks and Target. We also stopped by Sally Beauty Supply. I tried an at home gel manicure tonight and I'm excited to see how it holds up before I share more on the blog. I have never gotten a gel manicure because A) they are expensive B) I hear they are really bad for your nails (and I have fabulous nails) and C) I would get so bored of the same color for two weeks.
After our outing I spent some time playing with Zoe and I started dinner while she took her afternoon  nap. I made sloppy joe's, waffle fries, and fresh green beans. Nick and I also had our cupcakes and champagne. It was nice to stay home and relax as a family but we will be celebrating some more this weekend!
Waiting for our drink at Starbucks inside Target.
Zoe playing with her new Audrey Hepburn poster. We got the last one at Target but I can't find it on their website. Here it is from another website.
Zoe kept banging the poster on the floor. Nick kept saying "you shall not pass!"
Our anniversary cupcakes!
Zoe pressing all the keys on my new keyboard.
Yes, another day of wearing my fedora. I will not apologize- it's summertime. This shirt also looks great untucked with leggings.
Top: Old | Similar
Shorts: Nordstrom
Sandals: Target
Hat: Old | Similar
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Three Years

Warning this blog post contains mostly old pictures of Nick and me. But it was definitely fun to go through them all and remember the good times that have led us to where we are now.
Happy 3rd anniversary Nick! I couldn't ask for a better husband or a father to Zoe. We have been through highs and lows but I know each experience has strengthened our love for each other.
Where it all began! February 11th, 2006. The Library on 6th Street. Pointy, spacey teeth guy, Kristyna, Nick, me, and Brandon.
Nick's graduation- December 2006
6th Street- my birthday 2006
May 2007- My graduation from UTSA, the day before we moved in together
January 2008- Pink Floyd Laser Light Show
Houston Zoo April 2008
My birthday December 1st, 2008 was also the night Nick proposed.
January 2009- Hawaii for Abby and William's wedding!
Meeting Nickelback in April 2009!
August 2009- Hawaii... again!
January 7th, 2010- 2010 BCS National Championship Game at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA
Engagement portraits
One of our THREE showers!
June 24th, 2012- Our rehearsal dinner
June 25th, 2010- Line dancing at our wedding reception
June 26th, 2010- Nick carrying me over the threshold at our very first home in Sugar Land
October 2010- Grand Canyon
March 2011- Our first house!
June 2011- about a week before I found out I was pregnant!
October 2011- our sex reveal party
December 2011- my birthday
January 2012
The first picture of the three of us!
Zoe's newborn photos at 9 days old.
Brenham 2012
Easter 2012
Austin 2012
Christmas 2012
Zoe's first birthday party
Easter 2013
Summer 2013
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