June 25, 2013

Yet Another Fedora Look

Today was another one of our typical days spent at Starbucks and Target. We also stopped by Sally Beauty Supply. I tried an at home gel manicure tonight and I'm excited to see how it holds up before I share more on the blog. I have never gotten a gel manicure because A) they are expensive B) I hear they are really bad for your nails (and I have fabulous nails) and C) I would get so bored of the same color for two weeks.
After our outing I spent some time playing with Zoe and I started dinner while she took her afternoon  nap. I made sloppy joe's, waffle fries, and fresh green beans. Nick and I also had our cupcakes and champagne. It was nice to stay home and relax as a family but we will be celebrating some more this weekend!
Waiting for our drink at Starbucks inside Target.
Zoe playing with her new Audrey Hepburn poster. We got the last one at Target but I can't find it on their website. Here it is from another website.
Zoe kept banging the poster on the floor. Nick kept saying "you shall not pass!"
Our anniversary cupcakes!
Zoe pressing all the keys on my new keyboard.
Yes, another day of wearing my fedora. I will not apologize- it's summertime. This shirt also looks great untucked with leggings.
Top: Old | Similar
Shorts: Nordstrom
Sandals: Target
Hat: Old | Similar
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