July 30, 2013

Where in the World Have I Been?

If you don't want to read a wall of text just watch the video above for a summary. A week ago I woke up with a slightly swollen right eye. I never figured out what it was but I can assume it was a sty. It was mostly gone by Friday (the first day I put on contacts and makeup) and completely gone by Saturday. This meant no going out in public (again, see video above). By Friday I was itching to get out so I decided to make a trip to Kroger. Nick had stayed home a few days during the week so he ate most of what I purchased on Monday and my mom was coming in town. I don't know if it was all the caffeine I had, stress, overexerting myself, the monster headache that would not go away, or lack of sleep (Zoe woke up super early every morning and was skipping her afternoon naps last week) but I was sitting down at the computer and got a sudden burst of vertigo. I had not had any vertigo or dizziness for quite some time so it took me by surprise. It is very had to describe to someone who has never had it. But take my word for it- it is not something you want to have. I was incredibly lucky to only have it last a few seconds. It did happen a few other times over the weekend and I am still having it but not as bad as that first time (or as bad as the very first time I had it in 2009). I was also lucky to have my sister-in-law, Madison, come over and play with Zoe while I rested on the couch and waited for my mom to arrive. My mom quickly took over getting Zoe her dinner and when Nick came home from work he got her ready for bed. The next day I felt better. I felt so good that I went to lunch, Ulta, and Marble Slab with Zoe and my mom. My mom even stayed home with Zoe while I went to get a new pair of glasses and sunglasses at Target (the sunglasses were 50% off with the eyeglasses, btw!). I also seized the opportunity to get a couple pairs of jeans (that were actually long enough) and a top. I even picked up dinner from our local Mexican restaurant. The next day I felt even better. Nick stayed home with Zoe while my mom and I went to get a manicure and pedicure. While I was feeling better I was still tired (even after going to bed early and letting my mom get Zoe in the mornings) so I took a nap while Zoe did. We met Madison and Bruce at Rudy's that evening and had a delicious dinner. I went to bed even earlier than I had been and Zoe slept til 9:15 the next morning so I was super rested. I felt even better! Zoe woke up at 9:45 today (and I think she would have slept longer had I not gone in her room to check on her). I am feeling better and better every day. I am trying to get more sleep, more water, stress out less, and I started Pilates again today. I only did a beginners DVD but I am already feeling it. Anyways, I think it will take time to get back to my old self. I do not think I got to the point of getting vertigo overnight. I think it has been many things so I think it will take a while. Here is another video to end the wall o' text.
Here are some Zoe pics from last Monday.

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July 2013 Favorites

1. Nature's Gate Liquid Hand Soap in Sunflower Pomegranate- I know I had a different hand soap last month but it was very hard to find. I found this one at Sprout's and my Kroger also carries it. It's not very sudsy so if that's your thing you may not like it. But the scent! Oh the scent is so good. It smells like candy! I loved it so much I bought the body wash when I ran out.

2. Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo Spray- I originally had the powder form of this on my list. I had been using the powder quite a bit. When I ran out I went to Ulta to pick more up. Of course they were out of it but I saw a travel sized version of the spray. I tested it on the back of my hand and I liked the consistency so I decided to give it a try. I will never go back to the powder again. Although I love the way the powder works I don't like that it is white. The spray has the same scent as the powder. Kind of lemon-y and fresh. The spray also gives my hair a bit of volume and is great at soaking up excess oil or product. If you have never tried a dry shampoo before I highly recommend this. It works on every hair color.

3. Minion Rush- I normally don't play games on my phone. I like to play them on my iPad but for some reason I installed this one. I think I was updating my other apps and I saw this featured in the store. It's just a lot of fun and you can play as often as you like without having to wait for your lives to reload (ahem Candy Crush).

4. It's a 10 Miracle Shine Spray- I randomly picked this up at Target because I needed a new shine spray. I have used their leave-in conditioner before and I love it so I figured I would like this as well. I really love it! It smells great and is not too heavy or greasy. I have used it on second and third day hair. The best thing is I'm pretty sure it's a dupe for Alterna Caviar Shine Spray which is ridiculously expensive. 

5. Newman's Own Organics Cinnamon Mints- I mentioned the Wintergreen flavor last month and when I saw these at Sprout's I knew I had to try them. I like them better than the Wintergreen flavor and I always have them in my bag. For those of you who prefer organic mints with no fake sugar these are a must have!

6. NYX HD Yellow Concealer Wand- I have tried every under eye concealer out there and this is the best- so far. The texture is a little on the watery side but if you leave it to set it will get thicker. The yellow offsets the blue under eye circles. If you are worried about having a yellow face- don't be. A little foundation or powder over it will take the yellow out. I even went back to Ulta to get the green (offsets redness) because these are a bargain.

7. Bubble Guppies Rock and Roll Stage- I was at Walmart getting a water table for Zoe and this was in the same aisle. Even though my hands were full I went to look at it because she is obsessed with Bubble Guppies. It was a good price so I got the stage along with three of the guppies and the bubble puppy. It was very easy to put together and although Zoe didn't understand how to use it at first she is in love with it. She loves pressing the button that plays different songs and she constantly has one of the guppies with her. Since she has five of the roll toys she loves lining them up or throwing them into her purse and carrying them around. 

8. Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Creme- I was looking for a new facial lotion and although this came out a while ago I wanted to try it because of it's gel formula. It is a lot lighter than a normal lotion and goes on very thin. Which is especially good for the day time when I am also using a primer.

9. Step 2 Water Table- I was hesitant to try this at first. Zoe had a phase where she wasn't into the water. But it is summertime and everyone I know has one. I don't know what it is about this thing but she loves it. Even before I put it together she was playing with it and the toys it came with. She loves putting her bath toys in it too. I highly recommend this if your baby is standing on his/her own.
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July 21, 2013

3 Day Weekend

Here is a roundup of our weekend. We have not done much because the weather has been so crappy. Every time it looks like it will clear up it rains again. Hopefully the rain clears up soon because we have only been to Target and Ephesus Mediterranean Grill (which I highly recommend- great service and get the baklava!) since Thursday!
Our trip to Target/Starbucks on Thursday.
Our first time at Ephesus Mediterranean Grill!

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July 17, 2013

Gel Polish + Zoe Pics

I posted a blog post about a diy gel manicure three weeks ago. No, I have not had my gel manicure on that entire time. It actually chipped twice before I had it on for a week. I still included it on my June 2013 favorites list because the chips were easy to fix. Here are some of my thoughts and who this will work best for. 1) My nails grow very, very fast. I'm talking I have to file and trim them at least three times a week. Not only do my nails grow fast, they can get long. And when my nails are long they are more prone to breaking and chips. I have to keep them short because of all the things I do around the house and things I do with Zoe. This does not make me a good candidate for gel manicures. Because my nail bed begins to show and if I do cut or trim my nails I am getting rid of the gel on my nail tip. 2) If your nails are sensitive you may not be a good candidate. Again, my nails are super strong (even after over four years of acrylics). So in a weird way this stuff makes my nails feel even stronger. I have not actually had the pleasure of removing this polish with remover. I could literally peel it off! I have heard taking it off with nail polish remover can be a pain and your nails need to be soaked. 3) If you have very short nails that do not grow- get this stuff! Also, it helps if you don't mind wearing the same color for more than a week (I do mind). Like I said, even though I had large chips this polish makes my manicure last longer than a regular topcoat (Seche Vite, Out the Door, etc). Gelous can be found at Sally Beauty Supply. I think you will be pleasantly surprised! "But you don't have to take my word for it."
These pictures look like they are from yesterday but they are from today. Zoe loves to sit on my lap, watch herself in the camera, and smash the keyboard. 
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July 16, 2013

Rainy Tuesday

Although Zoe and I woke up early yesterday we did not go out. It was raining pretty hard in the morning and sprinkled the rest of the day. There was no way I was going to juggle Zoe, a shopping cart, and an umbrella in the rain. So we stayed in and had a fun lunch (corn dogs and tater tots, organic of course) and had fun playing. Well, Zoe played while I did laundry.
It was rainy today as well but not as bad. We made it to the grocery store and back safely. I even got to stop by the Starbucks counter first and I got a tortilla press and a comal to make my own tortillas! It is days like today that I am really grateful we have room in our garage for both cars. Zoe's second nap was cut short due to thunder but she was in a surprisingly good mood. She played with her... you guessed it- Bubble Guppies toy! She was so into it I was able to make dinner uninterrupted. 
These three photos are from yesterday. Zoe kept putting her Bubble Guppies toys into the bike trailer so I opened it up for her and she happily played inside.
iPad fun!
Zoe driving her car at the grocery store.
Busted! I caught Zoe taking tissues out of the box and ripping them into little pieces.
"I better stuff these back into the box so everyone can use them."
Top: Target
Pants: Nordstrom
Sandals: Target
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July 14, 2013

Our Weekend

This weekend my mom came to visit us. She arrived Friday evening and Nick picked up dinner from Olive Garden for all of us. Zoe loved her cheese ravioli and she even had some of my mom's chicken scampi. 
The next day my mom went to pick up breakfast tacos from a fairly new restaurant in Fulshear. Their tacos were ok- not nearly as good as the ones available on practically every corner in San Antonio. After Zoe's morning nap we went to have lunch at one of our favorite places- Black Walnut Cafe. Even though we went around 2 pm it was very crowded. But our service was great and prompt. We also took a quick trip to Target. I had to return something and my mom bought some shirts and I got a shirt and a dress. It rained after Zoe's afternoon nap so we decided to stay in for dinner. We ordered Chinese food from our favorite place- Yumi Cafe. I'm glad to say they finally know our address and how to get to our house! My mom decided to give Zoe a bath in the sink while I relaxed and Nick went out with his telescope.
On Sunday morning I picked up breakfast from Starbucks. We all just hung around the house playing with Zoe. For lunch we tackled all of our leftovers! We had a lot to choose from and we finished everything. My mom decided to leave when Zoe went down for her afternoon nap. I also took a nap during that time. After our naps we got ready to go to dinner with Nick's parents and sisters. We ate at one of their favorite places- Saltgrass. After dinner we all went back to Bruce and Deanna's. They recorded Bubble Guppies for her so she got a kick out of watching that while Bruce, Tiffany, Madison, and Nick did something with coins. Not sure what they were doing but it seemed like they were dividing them up and trading them with each other.
Zoe had a great time seeing her grandmas and grandpa this weekend! And that Bubble Guppies toy was another great investment. She has literally been playing with it all weekend.
Lining up the Bubble Guppies on the fireplace. 
Lining up her Bubble Guppies on the window sill. 
Happy girl dancing in her crib.
It was nearly impossible to get a good picture of both my mom and Zoe so I took a few.
Nick helping Zoe carry her purse inside. They both look grumpy because they are hungry.
Excited about crayons at Saltgrass!
Playing Paint Sparkle on the iPad and she lined up her Bubble Guppies on the keyboard.

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