July 2, 2013

Back in Black... and White

We are back after spending the weekend in San Antonio. Today was spent getting Zoe back on schedule and running errands. Zoe woke up super early for her- 7:30! But that meant she took her morning nap earlier than usual. We went to Target to return some things and get a few random things. I planned on going to Sprout's but I could see Zoe rubbing her eyes in the backseat so we just went home. Sure enough, she went down for her second nap as soon as we got home. It was an extra long nap so I got a little one in too. I still wasn't in the mood to make dinner so we all had my mom's King Ranch Chicken and it was delicious. 
Dress: Target
Sandals: Target
The weather was very pleasant today at only the mid 90's. This dress is perfect for looking polishd while running errands. I love the bold stripes. There is a slit in front but I am not modeling it very well. Also, I wore these shoes for the first time this weekend and they are just as comfortable as the tan pair. I love them because they have just a little bit of sparkle.
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