July 5, 2013

Fun Friday

Today was a great, relaxing day at home. Zoe and I had breakfast together while Nick slept in. Zoe took an extra long morning nap and after Nick woke up he went to pick up lunch from Zoë's Kitchen. We all had lunch together and then our good friend Lauren and her baby Walker came to visit. We got out a few of Zoe's things that she used when she was younger for Walker to use. He was rolling over on the play mat and he picked up cruising in the walker pretty quickly. When Zoe realized she could push Walker around she started doing that and they both had a great time. We had fun just talking and catching up with Lauren. And we were so happy to finally meet Walker. Zoe was obviously worn out because she took another long afternoon nap. Nick went to stargaze with his telescope so Zoe and I had a night in. She was practicing climbing on the couch and getting back down.
Zoe pushing Walker around!

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