July 2, 2013

June 2013 Favorites

1) Myer's Lemon Verbena Hand Soap- I picked this up randomly after running out of my favorite Method hand soap. I liked the clean packaging and it was in the organic section (although it is not organic, just chemical free) so I decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did. The scent is amazing! As far as cleaning my hands goes I think it is doing a good job. I don't have equipment to run tests on how effective my soap is but it seems to be doing it's job. I found this at Kroger and have not been able to find it anywhere else.

2) Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation- I was skeptical about this. I had just run out of my favorite non-drugstore foundation and I wasn't looking forward to spending $30-40 on a new foundation. I saw that YouTube beauty guru Nicole Guerriero liked this (and she has similar skin to mine) so I decided to try it. First- this whipped foundation has a different texture than the ones I have tried before. It is more dense and it spreads SO much easier. I have used both a dense kabuki brush and a beauty blender and it blends well. Second- the coverage is really medium to full. The ones I have tried in the past have been very sheer. This is buildable. I was doing two layers but now I do one layer with concealer for spot treatment. Third- this stuff lasts all day! Like I said, I was skeptical. I had tried the Colorstay liquid foundation and while the coverage was good it would never last. I still don't understand the hype about that product. So if you were burned by the liquid Colorstay or you would just like to try a whipped foundation I highly recommend this one.

3) Gelous Nail Gel- This is something I found while browsing a Pinterest fail website. I was just getting a good laugh reading through all the crazy things this lady tried that failed miserably. A DIY gel manicure was on the home page so I checked it out. I headed to Sally's to get the Gelous and there was a sign- As seen on Pinterest! So I did the gel manicure on Wednesday night. It took a bit longer than a regular manicure but it was worth it. I will say I did get a huge chip Friday afternoon. But I'm pretty sure it is because I snagged my nail on fabric. I didn't want to walk around with a big chip so I tried a little patch up. It worked surprisingly well. I got another large chip on Sunday afternoon (again I was doing something random). These were also both on my left hand which is really weird because I am right handed. I am thinking I applied it incorrectly to my left hand. I patched that nail up too. I also did another layer of Gelous over each nail and then a layer of top coat. Here is the original blog post with the directions for your own DIY gel manicure. The next time I try it I will add one more layer of Gelous after my second coat of color. Gelous can be found at Sally Beauty Supply.

4) Starbucks bottled mocha frappuccino- I haven't had one of these in so long! But when we were going to San Antonio for the weekend I decided to bring my own so I wouldn't have to search for a Starbucks. I approved of the ingredient list so I got a four pack. They are not as good as a fresh frappuccino (something about that texture) but they will do in a pinch. My only complaint is the lid. I left the bottle on the side and it started to leak a bit. I guess the bottle is only meant to be upright. These are at every grocery store!

5) Target Lavada Sandals- I have these sandals in tan and black. I saw the tan ones online and knew I had to have them. But they seemed so popular and I was seeing them later (I don't usually buy my shoes at Target, just Zoe's if they have her size). I still went to look for them and there was a lone size 7. It was like it was meant to be! Word on the street (ok, ok actually on the Nordstrom and Target websites) is that these are a knockoff of Vera Wang but these are much more comfortable. The Vera Wangs are apparently horrible. I saw that there was a black version as well and I knew I needed those too. I wear more black than brown so they were justified. I wore the black pair walking around downtown all weekend. I love that both pairs can be dressed up or down too. They look great with shorts and dresses! The tan or black pairs can be found at Target.

6) Caslon Clean Front Five-Inch Shorts- When I saw these shorts in the Nordstrom catalog I immediately wanted them. I read the reviews online and they said sizing was weird so I waited until I was in San Antonio to try them on in person. These are actually my first pair of grownup shorts. :) I had been buying junior's shorts up until that point but I wanted something longer that I could move around in without flashing anyone. I still have the junior's shorts but I only wear them around the house or to the pool! These shorts run small so I would recommend going a size up. I love them because they can be cuffed and the length is still appropriate. They are on sale now at Nordstrom!

7) ZAGGfolio Keyboard Case- This was an anniversary gift from my husband and I love it! Don't get me wrong- the iPad is great for entertainment purposes. I don't use it for work or anything so I don't need a word processor os Excel or anything like that. I did start blogging after I got it though and I quickly realized a keyboard would be helpful. It is obviously not necessary though because I blogged for months without one. I love this particular keyboard because the iPad can be docked horizontally or vertically. The keyboard is Bluetooth so the iPad does not even have to be attached. It is great for lounging in bed because the case holds it in place. It is not the best for playing games at certain angles but it is easily removed. The case/keyboard is very thin and lightweight so it doesn't feel like you are carrying around a laptop. My husband bought mine at Best Buy.

8) Newman's Own Organics Wintergreen Mints- These are an old favorite of mine but I recently put them back into my bag. My mom first got this brand for me but in the peppermint flavor. I liked those but my favorite flavor is Wintergreen. I was happy to find them in Wintergreen at Sprout's recently. These are great because they are organic and they do not have any nasty fake sugar in them. I also really like the tin they come in. You can use the tin for lots of things after the mints are gone. After looking online they also make a cinnamon flavor which is my second favorite gum/mint flavor! I have also seen these at Whole Foods.

9) FRESH Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Trio- I ordered a few things from Sephora online (because the closest one is inside JCPenny and does not have a great selection and the one in Sugar Land is 30 minutes away and the staff there sucks). I know, I have a lip product in every favorite list but lip products are my vice. I collect lip products! I have always heard great things about this brand. After reading some reviews online I decided to get the mini trio so I could try out three different shades and the reviews said the minis were the perfect size. I will admit I did not like the smell of these at first and that is one of my big things with lip products- gotta like the smell/taste. I did like the taste of these and the smell faded away or changed because I actually grew to like it. The rose shade is very sheer but buildable, very natural. The coral is the most pigmented but if you apply from the tube and then dab with your finger it can soften the look. The berry is very pigmented as well. They are all gorgeous colors and I have been rotating them in the diaper bag and makeup bag. This trio is a Sephora exclusive.
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