July 14, 2013

Our Weekend

This weekend my mom came to visit us. She arrived Friday evening and Nick picked up dinner from Olive Garden for all of us. Zoe loved her cheese ravioli and she even had some of my mom's chicken scampi. 
The next day my mom went to pick up breakfast tacos from a fairly new restaurant in Fulshear. Their tacos were ok- not nearly as good as the ones available on practically every corner in San Antonio. After Zoe's morning nap we went to have lunch at one of our favorite places- Black Walnut Cafe. Even though we went around 2 pm it was very crowded. But our service was great and prompt. We also took a quick trip to Target. I had to return something and my mom bought some shirts and I got a shirt and a dress. It rained after Zoe's afternoon nap so we decided to stay in for dinner. We ordered Chinese food from our favorite place- Yumi Cafe. I'm glad to say they finally know our address and how to get to our house! My mom decided to give Zoe a bath in the sink while I relaxed and Nick went out with his telescope.
On Sunday morning I picked up breakfast from Starbucks. We all just hung around the house playing with Zoe. For lunch we tackled all of our leftovers! We had a lot to choose from and we finished everything. My mom decided to leave when Zoe went down for her afternoon nap. I also took a nap during that time. After our naps we got ready to go to dinner with Nick's parents and sisters. We ate at one of their favorite places- Saltgrass. After dinner we all went back to Bruce and Deanna's. They recorded Bubble Guppies for her so she got a kick out of watching that while Bruce, Tiffany, Madison, and Nick did something with coins. Not sure what they were doing but it seemed like they were dividing them up and trading them with each other.
Zoe had a great time seeing her grandmas and grandpa this weekend! And that Bubble Guppies toy was another great investment. She has literally been playing with it all weekend.
Lining up the Bubble Guppies on the fireplace. 
Lining up her Bubble Guppies on the window sill. 
Happy girl dancing in her crib.
It was nearly impossible to get a good picture of both my mom and Zoe so I took a few.
Nick helping Zoe carry her purse inside. They both look grumpy because they are hungry.
Excited about crayons at Saltgrass!
Playing Paint Sparkle on the iPad and she lined up her Bubble Guppies on the keyboard.

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