July 12, 2013

Pretty in Prints

Today Zoe and I took a little trip to Target. I stopped inside Starbucks first because I had a coupon. After that we set off to get the random items on our list. I found all of the items I needed but I also picked up some other things. Mostly, clothes and sippy cups on sale for Zoe. Target already has all of their summer stuff on sale or clearance so I snapped it all up. It is only mid July so we have quite a bit of summer left here in Texas. 
We got home and I cleaned a bit while Zoe played. We then waited for my mom to get here. Nick picked up dinner from Olive Garden and Zoe loved it. She was all hyped up because my mom was here and played hard until I put her down for bed. She played with her new Bubble Guppies toy all day long. She just played the music over and over again and carried the little characters everywhere. She even took two to bed with her.
Placing all of her Bubble Guppies onto the entertainment center.
Zoe's new Wonder Woman sippy cup.
I love this outfit from New York & Company. Sometimes I feel like it is hard to find things that I love there but I love most of their recent stuff. And what's even better is that it is all modest and appropriate to be out and about with Zoe. By the way, is the model for the shirt below Danielle from America's Next Top Model cycle 6? It's hard to tell since her mouth is closed and I can't see if she has that signature gap in her front teeth. Fierce!
Top: Similar
Bermuda shorts: NY & Co.
Sandals: Target
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