July 5, 2013

San Antonio Trip

Last weekend we went on a mini-getaway to celebrate our anniversary. My mom and Charlie got to spend the weekend with Zoe while Nick and I got a little break. 
We started our trip by having lunch at P.F. Chang's. After that we went to check into our hotel- Omni La Mansion (the same one we stayed at after our wedding)! We got settled in and then walked over to the Alamo. Nick took a bunch of pictures while I shopped in the gift shop. I got some fudge, a book for Zoe, and a sign in the shape of a street sign that said "Zoe St." I had one (actually I still have it but it is not on my door) that said "Jessica Ave" so I thought it would be cute to get her one too. After we looked around the Alamo we decided to get some ice cream because it was SO hot. We went back to our hotel where we blasted the AC and took a nap before heading out to explore downtown again. After we were done exploring we started looking for a place to eat. We finally decided on Ostra which is a great seafood restaurant. It had a nice ambiance and most importantly, it wasn't crowded. The next day it was raining so we were not able to explore downtown any. We just decided to pick Zoe up and drive home early. My mom and Charlie had so much fun spending time with Zoe. She got all organic, homemade meals, played with the iPad/iPhone, a bath, and she got to play on their king sized bed while watching cartoons.
Champagne from my mom!
This is how we felt at the end of the day.
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