July 30, 2013

Where in the World Have I Been?

If you don't want to read a wall of text just watch the video above for a summary. A week ago I woke up with a slightly swollen right eye. I never figured out what it was but I can assume it was a sty. It was mostly gone by Friday (the first day I put on contacts and makeup) and completely gone by Saturday. This meant no going out in public (again, see video above). By Friday I was itching to get out so I decided to make a trip to Kroger. Nick had stayed home a few days during the week so he ate most of what I purchased on Monday and my mom was coming in town. I don't know if it was all the caffeine I had, stress, overexerting myself, the monster headache that would not go away, or lack of sleep (Zoe woke up super early every morning and was skipping her afternoon naps last week) but I was sitting down at the computer and got a sudden burst of vertigo. I had not had any vertigo or dizziness for quite some time so it took me by surprise. It is very had to describe to someone who has never had it. But take my word for it- it is not something you want to have. I was incredibly lucky to only have it last a few seconds. It did happen a few other times over the weekend and I am still having it but not as bad as that first time (or as bad as the very first time I had it in 2009). I was also lucky to have my sister-in-law, Madison, come over and play with Zoe while I rested on the couch and waited for my mom to arrive. My mom quickly took over getting Zoe her dinner and when Nick came home from work he got her ready for bed. The next day I felt better. I felt so good that I went to lunch, Ulta, and Marble Slab with Zoe and my mom. My mom even stayed home with Zoe while I went to get a new pair of glasses and sunglasses at Target (the sunglasses were 50% off with the eyeglasses, btw!). I also seized the opportunity to get a couple pairs of jeans (that were actually long enough) and a top. I even picked up dinner from our local Mexican restaurant. The next day I felt even better. Nick stayed home with Zoe while my mom and I went to get a manicure and pedicure. While I was feeling better I was still tired (even after going to bed early and letting my mom get Zoe in the mornings) so I took a nap while Zoe did. We met Madison and Bruce at Rudy's that evening and had a delicious dinner. I went to bed even earlier than I had been and Zoe slept til 9:15 the next morning so I was super rested. I felt even better! Zoe woke up at 9:45 today (and I think she would have slept longer had I not gone in her room to check on her). I am feeling better and better every day. I am trying to get more sleep, more water, stress out less, and I started Pilates again today. I only did a beginners DVD but I am already feeling it. Anyways, I think it will take time to get back to my old self. I do not think I got to the point of getting vertigo overnight. I think it has been many things so I think it will take a while. Here is another video to end the wall o' text.
Here are some Zoe pics from last Monday.

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