August 29, 2013

Put Some Aloe On It

Those of you that are familiar with My Big Fat Greek Wedding know what I'm talking about. If you haven't seen it you're missing out. It's hilarious and you will then get this reference.
This is how I feel about aloe vera gel. Last weekend I forgot Zoe's diaper rash cream. She has only had a rash once maybe twice. Of course, she had one the day we left after hours of playtime in the crib before her nap. I always have her essentials packed in her travel diaper bag so I had some organic aloe vera gel. I put that on thinking it would be better than nothing. Her rash was completely clear the next morning! I have used it before as a facial moisturizer and on cuts, scrapes, and burns. I just read today that it can be used as a deoderant if you have sensitive underarms. After her fall on Tuesday I have been applying it to her scab in hopes of it healing quickly and not scarring. So put some aloe vera on it!
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Life Lately

So I am still having a tiny bit of pain in my upper back/lower neck area. I can feel it the most when I turn my head to the left or put Zoe down on the floor. I have only been able to use the heating pad twice a day (during Zoe's nap and after she goes to bed) so I have been trying to take it easy. I am going to try to convince Nick to let me get a massage this weekend. I am certain it will be a cheaper alternative to a chiropracter. 
Yesterday Zoe and I did not go out during the day. The three of us did go to an open house for a new pre-school in our area after Nick got home from work. It was interesting to view a pre-school as a parent (as opposed to when I got my ECE degree). The school was great but we are still undecided as to when we will enroll Zoe and how often she will go.
Today Zoe woke up super early. I'm not sure how early because I was still asleep. ;) But we had to skip story time because of how early she was up. Sure enough she was down for her nap by 10:45. She only slept for an hour and after we both had lunch we took a quick trip to Target. I am like a walking billboard for that place. It's just so easy to get everything there. And with their new in-house organic food line I may be doing even more grocery shopping there. Plus, I got Zoe the cutest jean jacket today! Here are some snapshots from the past couple days.
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August 28, 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away

Oops- my apologies for not posting this last night. I was having a bit of neck/back pain and was trying to take it easy by getting comfortable and using the heating pad. Our Tuesday was a short one due to more rain. The forecast says it's gone but we are now under an ozone watch. We went to our My Gym class yesterday afternoon and stayed afterwards because of a downpour. After that we had a couple errands to run and we went home because it was still raining. Zoe was very tired so I put her to bed a little early and she played quietly in her crib. Nick and his parent's went to celebrate Tiffany's birthday at her house. But Deanna sent him home with a cupcake for me! :)
On another note, I think I have finally figured out Zoe's new nap schedule! Since she had been cutting out her afternoon nap I (and she did a few days last week) pushed her regular nap time (11 am) back. Anyways, I was excited to have more free time to get out and do things. Especially play dates in the morning. But last Thursday, after story time at the library, little stinker fell asleep in the car on the way to get lunch. It's been a long time since she has done that. She will usually only sleep in the car if we are driving more than 45 minutes or so. Are you still following me? Haha. I pulled into a parking garage and let her sleep in her car seat for almost 30 minutes and we were able to pick up lunch after. Throughout our weekend trip and this week she has been starting nap time at 11. I say starting because sometimes she will play before she goes to sleep. Nick and I watched her falling asleep while sitting up and yesterday she figured out how to use her stuffed animals as a pillow. We think she plays so hard that she literally falls asleep while she is playing. So she has kept her morning nap time and extended it to two hours or more. I had to wake her up yesterday to take her to My Gym. Today we do not have anything planned so I will see how long she sleeps.
Poor little baby slipped on the floor and fell onto a Bubble Guppy.
This face says it all. She was hesitant to do a lot after her tumble onto the Guppy.
She loves the mini trampoline! I have a video of her on it on my YouTube channel.
This train was a hit with all the kids! Zoe screamed when it wasn't her turn. Ugh- toddlers. I looked it up when I got home and, of course, it's not sold anymore. I did find similar options though- it's on her Christmas list. ;)
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August 26, 2013

Back to School!

You're probably wondering why I am so excited for back to school since Zoe is not even old enough for pre-school. I am excited because our favorite hangouts will be less crowded and more fun! And, let's be honest. I know I'm not the only adult that is excited for back to school. ;) So in honor of a new school year Zoe and I went to our favorite place- Target. I had to return a few things, we stopped inside Starbucks to ride out a downpour, and I picked up lunch afterwards.
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August 25, 2013

Staycation in The Woodlands

This weekend Nick, Zoe, and I had a "staycation" in The Woodlands. We wanted a getaway for just the three of us that was not on Labor Day weekend. The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center was the perfect place for our stay. We had great service from room service to the spa or just ordering drinks by the pool. We were also able to get a room on ground level which meant we could go to the pool directly from out room. The resort is so large that if you are staying in another building you will need a golf cart to get to the pool. If you have kids I highly recommend a room directly off the pool. That's where we spent all but one hour of our time and it was convenient for going back to take naps/breaks. That one hour spent away from the pool was for a much needed massage. Nick had his very first massage! He wasn't as impressed with it as I thought he would be but hopefully he will now understand why I love them. The pool area had something for every age. There was a very shallow toddler pool, a splash pad, a pool with a double slide, volleyball net, and a basketball hoop, and also an adult type of pool behind the bar. I had the pleasure of visting them all and we all had dinner at the pool grill. The kids area featured live music, a clown (one doing balloon animals, one painting faces), a pine cone mascot, and a clown that juggled, walked on stilts, and rode a unicycle (I was most impressed by this guy!). Later on in the evening there were also s'mores for the kids and a "dive-in" movie. All in all, we had a great time. I look forward to going there again!
Checking out the room.
Reaching for room service.
Little princess eating breakfast in bed Lamby.
Sexy sandals at the spa.
A view of the golf course.
Obligatory tanning shot.
Ready for nap #2 after the pool.
"I'll just take these mom."
"Hmm these are not my sunglasses."
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August 20, 2013

Our First My Gym Class

Today was Zoe's first My Gym class! Because she is still so young it's one of those classes where mommy (or daddy) accompany baby. Before we even signed up for the class I knew I wanted to participate in a class with her. Before I even gave birth I thought I would be a non-helicopter parent that would be happy to push baby bird out of the nest. But things change when you become a parent. I became a hippie, crunchy (well more like chewy) AP parent. Zoe is 17 months old and I have been her primary caretaker her entire life. Although it makes me a bit sad to see her grow up so quickly I would be even sadder if she did not grow up to be a strong, independent woman.
We arrived at My Gym early and Zoe was hesitant to climb on anything. I helped her up a ramp and put her in the ball pit and she tolerated it. But soon after our warm up and some songs she was running around. She screamed when it was time to go. My sweet, well-behaved, princess screamed her little head off. So it's safe to say she loved it and wasn't ready to leave. After watching her interact with the other kids and the instructors I feel confident in pushing her out of the nest.
We sang this song and it reminded me of going to see Sharon, Lois, and Bram in concert with my mom:

Zoe not only took my shoes but she also took my shirt!
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