August 16, 2013

Busy Friday

Wow Zoe and I had a busy day today! I contemplated going to the splash pad after Zoe's morning nap but had some errands I wanted to get done before the weekend. We stopped by Target to return some things and we picked up a few odd and ends (more Annie's boxed meals to have on hand and their delicious crackers). We also stopped by Sprout's for sweets and beauty products. Their beauty section is quickly becoming my favorite in town. After that we swung by the house to pick Nick up and go to an open house at My Gym. Some of the mom's from our play group were there so it was good to see them. Nick and I were able to check out the facility, meet the instructors, and sign Zoe up for a weekly class. She definitely loved the other kids but she was hesitant to climb on anything. After a whirlwind open house we went to hang out at Nick's parent's house before dinner.

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