August 7, 2013

Conversations with Zoe

I have a few pictures to share from yesterday and today. We haven't been up to much. The weather has been pretty unbearable and I'm still trying to figure out Zoe's afternoon nap (she goes between fighting it and going down quickly so I know she still needs it).
Target called me late Monday afternoon to let me know my glasses were ready (after the drive home and during Zoe's afternoon nap) so I didn't pick them up that day. I was actually able to go by myself on Tuesday because Nick took the day off. I could tell he missed us. It was a good thing that I went alone because I had my sunglasses and glasses adjusted to fit my face. They did it right there in the store while I waited. I really can't say enough good things about the optometry shop at Target. I may even get my eyes examined there instead of the doctor I have previously been to. My old doctor is ok but the rest of the staff really sucks. I also picked up some groceries while I was there to hold us over for a little bit. 
Today I went to Kroger with Zoe but that is all we did because she slept in super late. We also Facetimed with my mom and Charlie. Zoe wasn't sure what to think at first but soon she was reaching out for Grandma and dancing to her harmonica playing. I haven't been very creative when it comes to dinner lately so I have been using Annie's boxed meals. They are delicious (even more so when I add spices and extra veggies), convenient, and healthy. They aren't 100% organic but the pasta is and the seasonings are free of preservatives, synthetic colors, artificial flavor, trans fat, and growth hormones. They are great just like every other Annie's product!
Yesterday I had a conversation with Zoe when she woke up from her morning nap. I picked her up from the crib and noticed she took her bow off so I grabbed it to put on her when I set her down in the living room. She pointed to her bow holder.
Zoe: Bow
Me: Do you want to wear a bow?
Zoe: No
Me: Don't you want your hair out of your face?
Zoe: No
I realize that may not sound like a lot (especially to those of you without kids) but to be conversing with my daughter blows my mind! She has added quite a few words to her vocabulary and I keep them all listed in my phone. :)
Watching Peppa Pig instead of taking an afternoon nap.
FaceTime with Grandma and Papa.
My new glasses!
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