August 29, 2013

Life Lately

So I am still having a tiny bit of pain in my upper back/lower neck area. I can feel it the most when I turn my head to the left or put Zoe down on the floor. I have only been able to use the heating pad twice a day (during Zoe's nap and after she goes to bed) so I have been trying to take it easy. I am going to try to convince Nick to let me get a massage this weekend. I am certain it will be a cheaper alternative to a chiropracter. 
Yesterday Zoe and I did not go out during the day. The three of us did go to an open house for a new pre-school in our area after Nick got home from work. It was interesting to view a pre-school as a parent (as opposed to when I got my ECE degree). The school was great but we are still undecided as to when we will enroll Zoe and how often she will go.
Today Zoe woke up super early. I'm not sure how early because I was still asleep. ;) But we had to skip story time because of how early she was up. Sure enough she was down for her nap by 10:45. She only slept for an hour and after we both had lunch we took a quick trip to Target. I am like a walking billboard for that place. It's just so easy to get everything there. And with their new in-house organic food line I may be doing even more grocery shopping there. Plus, I got Zoe the cutest jean jacket today! Here are some snapshots from the past couple days.
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