August 19, 2013

Mini Monday

Well today we did not get to do much because of a "malfunctioning" car seat. I will start from the beginning. Zoe woke up at 7:30- partly because she went to bed early last night and partly because of the construction next door. Despite waking up very early she took her morning nap at her usual time. I got ready and made our lunch while she napped. Then after we had lunch we needed to make a quick stop by the grocery store. I noticed a weird smell when I was putting Zoe in her car seat but I assumed it was the toy she was holding (a doll with hair that she took to the pool yesterday). When we got to the store I picked her up and she was wet! I had changed her diaper right before we left so I wondered if I put it on wrong or something. I smelled her shorts and it was not pee. I touched the car seat and it was soaking wet. For some reason she got the seat extra wet after the pool yesterday and I didn't notice. The pool is in our neighborhood so she was only in the car seat for a couple of minutes. Lesson learned- next time I will put plastic between her and the car seat. We went into the store because we were already there. When we got home I looked at the car seat to see if I could spot clean it but I had to take off the entire cover and put it in the washing machine. There is even a foam part that stinks but I'm not willing to get it wet. We were supposed to meet our play group at Inflatable Katy but we were stuck at home while the car seat cover was washed. I even had to line dry it because it's not supposed to go in the dryer. So that was our day. Zoe didn't feel like taking her afternoon nap and Nick worked late so I'm exhausted. But on a good note our My Gym class starts tomorrow! Here's to sleeping past 7:30 and an afternoon nap (for both of us)!

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