August 12, 2013

Mom's Night Out

Today we had a late start to our day. That is because we went to dinner last night to celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday and we were out past Zoe's bedtime.
After our late start I realized Zoe felt warm to the touch. When I put her down for her morning nap she had a slight fever. Luckily she woke up in a great mood and was acting like her normal self. I never figured out what her fever was about but it may be related to teething. She is getting quite a few new teeth. I had a mom's night out and Nick was working late so Deanna and Madison came over to watch Zoe. We had a Crazy Canvas painting class at Hasta la Pasta and it was so much fun. Not only was it fun to get out, have a drink, and catch up with the mom's in my group but we each got to take home our own painting. 
Looking pretty pleased with her piano playing skills.
Kitty hugs.
Baby selfies.
Before- just the pre-sketched canvas.
My finished masterpiece!
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