August 17, 2013

My Top 10 Favorite TV Shows of All Time

10. Friends- This is a show I'm always watching. You can find reruns on almost every channel. Hilarious, lighthearted comedy. I love all 6 characters equally. They have great chemistry. There are obviously too many funny moments to choose from. I wouldn't say Ross is my favorite character but his moments are some of the funniest. I'm just not sure why they didn't include Unagi, the bagpipes, or "MY SANDWICH."

9. Sons of Anarchy- This is probably a show you didn't think would be on my list. *I* have watched from the very first season and now Nick is hooked too! I must say the reason I started watching was Charlie Hunnam. Ron Perlman was another reason- love him in Hellboy and my mom says I loved him in Beauty and the Beast. It's a gritty drama about bikers and their old ladies. And I am so happy Jax's long hair is back.

8. The Walking Dead- This was a show Nick and I were both excited to watch. I love the horror genre and Nick has read all of the graphic novels (I'm always asking him what happens next). Although it can be extremely gory and violent it's great. Never boring or predictable. I like that it scares me- so much so that I like to record it and watch it during the day. It's fairly depressing so I don't have a "favorite" moment or episode so I'll leave you with the trailer. Yep, I'm going to have nightmare tonight after watching just a few minutes of it.

7. Breaking Bad- Nick and I started watching this show after it started. I was pregnant with Zoe and we would watch this every spare moment we had. It's dark. It's gruesome. It's awesome! You have to pay attention to every single detail or you will get confused. It also has very funny moments which are below.

6. Sex and the City- This is a show I watch over and over again (mostly censored on E! though). I am a true fan of the show. I still pretend the movies never happened. I hated the first movie (minus Charlotte getting pregnant and Carrie eventually marrying Big) and I still haven't seen the second one. In my mind Smith is still with Samantha, Steve never cheated on Miranda, and Big never left Carrie at the altar. Of course, Charlotte lived happily ever after. Speaking of Charlotte, all the online quizzes say I'm one! Which character are you? ;)

5. Ugly Betty- This short lived show is based on a telenovela called Yo Soy Betty La Fea. My mom and I started watching it together and after I moved out we would call or email each other about it. It does have a soap opera feel to it but it's also hilarious. Betty is the underdog that you want to root for and she grows up throughout the series. This is another NYC based show. Bonus points because Betty works at a high fashion magazine publisher.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer- Ok, so you probably won't like this one unless you watched it when it first came out or you're a 13 year old girl. This is what I think of when I think of vampires. Not that sparkly, stalker, cookie-smelling crap. Where do I begin with this show? It's a drama, horror, comedy, silent film, even musical rolled into one. Some episodes make you cry (the one where Buffy tries to kill Angelus but ends up killing angel and Buffy's mom- still can't watch that episode) and most episodes make you laugh. It's a different kind of comedy and a few things don't make sense (hello Dawn) but most things do make sense and the character development is strong.

3. The Office- This is also a series Nick and I first watched during the middle. We loved it so much we got all the previous DVD's and caught up quickly. I love that all of the characters look like real people. While it can be a bit predictable every episode will make you laugh. Things were not the same after Jim and Pam got married or after Michael left but the rest of the cast kept it together. I was very sad to see this series come to an end. That's what she said!

2. The Nanny- I know everyone hates her voice. That is not Fran Drescher's real voice. I'm not sure why I love this show so much. Maybe it's the NYC setting, or the fact that Mr. Sheffield produces Broadway musicals, or Fran's hair and makeup. This is another one I can watch over and over again. There are some heavy hitter guest stars as well- Elizabeth Taylor, Milton Berle, Marvin Hamlisch, Ray Charles, Dan Aykroyd, and Steve Lawrence (who plays Fran's father). Drescher uses her celebrity as a platform for stage 1 diagnosis of cancer with her movement called, Cancer Schmancer. You can find out more at

1. Curb Your Enthusiasm- Nick and I randomly watched a newer episode of this one day. It was so funny we started watching the series from the beginning. Honestly, if you have never seen this you are missing out. This is BY FAR the funniest show I have ever seen in my life. I'm talking laughing so hard I'm crying/out of breath/hiccuping/hurting my stomach muscles. It's one of those series you can watch over and over again and not get tired of it. *Explicit language warning- but hilarious.

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