August 20, 2013

Our First My Gym Class

Today was Zoe's first My Gym class! Because she is still so young it's one of those classes where mommy (or daddy) accompany baby. Before we even signed up for the class I knew I wanted to participate in a class with her. Before I even gave birth I thought I would be a non-helicopter parent that would be happy to push baby bird out of the nest. But things change when you become a parent. I became a hippie, crunchy (well more like chewy) AP parent. Zoe is 17 months old and I have been her primary caretaker her entire life. Although it makes me a bit sad to see her grow up so quickly I would be even sadder if she did not grow up to be a strong, independent woman.
We arrived at My Gym early and Zoe was hesitant to climb on anything. I helped her up a ramp and put her in the ball pit and she tolerated it. But soon after our warm up and some songs she was running around. She screamed when it was time to go. My sweet, well-behaved, princess screamed her little head off. So it's safe to say she loved it and wasn't ready to leave. After watching her interact with the other kids and the instructors I feel confident in pushing her out of the nest.
We sang this song and it reminded me of going to see Sharon, Lois, and Bram in concert with my mom:

Zoe not only took my shoes but she also took my shirt!
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