August 18, 2013

Our Fun Weekend

We had a fun, relaxing weekend. On Saturday we had lunch at Ephesus Mediterranean Grill, it is quickly becoming our favorite place to go as a family. Zoe tried a cucumber and tomato salad and the chicken kabob, Nick had a salad and the beef kabob sandwich, and I had lentil soup and a chicken kabob. We all shared baklava for dessert- seriously the best stuff ever! Zoe's afternoon nap was so long I had to go wake her up. Nick and I played with her until she went to bed and then we watched three episodes of The Newsroom (and we are currently watching one now). 
Today, after we all slept in and had lunch, Zoe and I went to the splash pad. Well, we started off at the splash pad and Zoe walked over to the pool. She walked right into the kiddie pool and loved it. She mostly just walked around in the water, splashed the water, and lined her Bubble Guppies up. Of course, she made lots of friends. We left after she face planted into the water and started coughing a bit. One little girl was kind enough to come over and ask if she was ok. For some reason Zoe did not want to take her afternoon nap so we had dinner early as well as homemade chocolate chip cookies. So we had a great weekend at home! 

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