August 5, 2013

Our Long Weekend in San Antonio

We had a fun but long weekend and I am tired so I'll dive right in. Zoe and I arrived in San Antonio early Friday afternoon. My mom had homemade meatloaf and veggies for us- yum! We all tried to take a nap but ended up playing with Zoe. We met my Aunt Celia and her husband Dep, and Aunt Jimmie and Uncle Ram at my favorite restaurant, Paesano's. Zoe had sourdough bread, olives, a breadstick, bruschetta, cucumbers, spaghetti, meatballs, ravioli, and much more. Of course, I had cappuccino pie for dessert. We had so much fun catching up and I was grateful for everyone playing/holding/chasing Zoe around. 
She's moving so fast she's a blur!
Aunt Celia and Zoe.
Dep and Zoe.
The next morning I had a much needed massage. Naturally, I stopped by Starbucks afterwards. My mom and I relaxed while Zoe took her morning nap. After we ate lunch I had a hair appointment. It took quite some time because, as you can see, I made big change. I wanted to hit up the Nordstrom anniversary sale in person so that's where we went after we gave Zoe her dinner.
Surprise, surprise. She's lining up the Bubble Guppies!
After our quick trip to Nordstrom my mom and I picked up Sea Island on the way home. Zoe was exhausted from the day so we put her down early and got to eat dinner in peace.
The next day we went to breakfast with Charlie and his grandson, Jordan. We went to a new Perico's location and it was great! My mom and Jordan also kept Zoe entertained. After Zoe's morning nap and lunch we drove out to my Grandma's house in La Vernia. She had decorated it even more since the last time. 
Shirley brought a lamb over for Zoe to pet!
Zoe and great grandma sharing an inside joke.
Four generations!
After spending some time at my grandma's house we h had to go back home. We picked up EZ's on the way home and we all had dinner together. 
That was our weekend!
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