August 1, 2013

Our Wednesday + Zoe Pics

Target called me late Tueday night to let me know my sunglasses were ready- yay! So Wednesday afternoon, after Zoe's morning nap and lunch, we headed to Target. 
When I went in to pick out my glasses and sunglasses on Saturday Target was a madhouse but the optical center was dead. I was the only person in there so I got to take my time. The staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Just when you think you can get everything at Target you can find more! I picked out a Violet (a la Zoe Violet, of course) plastic pair by Giorgio Armani. I know that is random but I already have a small collection of Ray Bans in the classic colors and shapes so I went a little different.
We also stopped by Starbucks and picked up a few things we needed inside. After Target we came home and played. Zoe has not been taking her afternoon nap when I put her down. Of course she goes right down for Nick and my mom. So it was a long day for both of us. Luckily, Nick had planned to bring Pei Wei home because he had a coupon. Zoe went to bed early and Nick packed for his trip to Austin while I caught up on Project Runway. Anyone else watching? I feel like I'm the only person watching it nowadays. Here are some Zoe pics from when I was being so vain.
Lining up the Bubble Guppies on the chair I'm sitting on.
Lining up the Bubble Guppies at Rudy's.
You guessed it! Lining up the Bubble Guppies while watching Bubble Guppies.
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