August 29, 2013

Put Some Aloe On It

Those of you that are familiar with My Big Fat Greek Wedding know what I'm talking about. If you haven't seen it you're missing out. It's hilarious and you will then get this reference.
This is how I feel about aloe vera gel. Last weekend I forgot Zoe's diaper rash cream. She has only had a rash once maybe twice. Of course, she had one the day we left after hours of playtime in the crib before her nap. I always have her essentials packed in her travel diaper bag so I had some organic aloe vera gel. I put that on thinking it would be better than nothing. Her rash was completely clear the next morning! I have used it before as a facial moisturizer and on cuts, scrapes, and burns. I just read today that it can be used as a deoderant if you have sensitive underarms. After her fall on Tuesday I have been applying it to her scab in hopes of it healing quickly and not scarring. So put some aloe vera on it!
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