August 10, 2013

Return of the Nap

With a lot of patience and toting Zoe around she has resumed her afternoon nap- yay! When she first stopped taking it occasionally I thought she would eventually drop it. A few times last week and even this week I didn't even try to put her down. Finally on Tuesday she gave in. She was stumbling and falling down which is a sure sign that she is ready for a nap. She has been taking her afternoon nap since then. Sometimes it's not very long- 45 minutes to an hour but it evens out because her morning naps are the long ones. She usually plays quite a bit before she falls asleep. Either way it is a good time for both of us to take a break or for me to get things done around the house.
So what have we been up to? Even though we are still having heat advisories Zoe and I did some outdoor shopping on Thursday. We had lunch at ZoĆ«'s Kitchen first, naturally. And I was able to keep Zoe cool by keeping the shade down on her stroller and giving her ice water. Yesterday we did not do much. We just met the in-laws for dinner where Zoe wowed everyone with her speaking skills. 
This means she is done. I have no idea where she got that from.
She's finally warming up to wearing sunglasses.
She loves to cuddles up with my throw pillows.

Today I got a lot done around the house. During Zoe's first nap not only did I have time to shower, do my hair, makeup, etc but I also had time to do two loads or laundry, sweep, pick up a crap ton of toys, and do a load of dishes. I do a load of dishes at least every other day. Sometimes every day! So when I noticed I was about to use my last dishwasher detergent packet I made a mental note to stop by Whole Foods to get more. Zoe and I had lunch there first. We shared the chef's plate with chicken scallopini, crispy broccoli, and bowtie pasta salad. I also got a Texas Tea and a snickerdoodle cookie for later. The staff there is always so helpful. One of the employees noticed that my hands were full with Zoe and our food so she carried my plate to our table and then went to get me a high chair. I was also asked, "are you finding everything ok" at least three times. I always want to answer, "yes, and more!" I ended up getting some tortilla chips, salsa, raspberries, hair oil, and two new deodorants to try. Part of the reason I went there is because I heard one of my favorite companies, Lavanila, was being carried there (liars). Tonight I made a third Annie's box meal (I know, I know). But I had to make something quickly because Nick went stargazing around 7. Zoe went to bed early and I am currently having a glass off wine and giving myself a manicure.
"Excuse me?"
Kind of a smile. She's all business when she eats.
Playing with her Bubble Guppies.
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