August 25, 2013

Staycation in The Woodlands

This weekend Nick, Zoe, and I had a "staycation" in The Woodlands. We wanted a getaway for just the three of us that was not on Labor Day weekend. The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center was the perfect place for our stay. We had great service from room service to the spa or just ordering drinks by the pool. We were also able to get a room on ground level which meant we could go to the pool directly from out room. The resort is so large that if you are staying in another building you will need a golf cart to get to the pool. If you have kids I highly recommend a room directly off the pool. That's where we spent all but one hour of our time and it was convenient for going back to take naps/breaks. That one hour spent away from the pool was for a much needed massage. Nick had his very first massage! He wasn't as impressed with it as I thought he would be but hopefully he will now understand why I love them. The pool area had something for every age. There was a very shallow toddler pool, a splash pad, a pool with a double slide, volleyball net, and a basketball hoop, and also an adult type of pool behind the bar. I had the pleasure of visting them all and we all had dinner at the pool grill. The kids area featured live music, a clown (one doing balloon animals, one painting faces), a pine cone mascot, and a clown that juggled, walked on stilts, and rode a unicycle (I was most impressed by this guy!). Later on in the evening there were also s'mores for the kids and a "dive-in" movie. All in all, we had a great time. I look forward to going there again!
Checking out the room.
Reaching for room service.
Little princess eating breakfast in bed Lamby.
Sexy sandals at the spa.
A view of the golf course.
Obligatory tanning shot.
Ready for nap #2 after the pool.
"I'll just take these mom."
"Hmm these are not my sunglasses."
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