August 13, 2013

What's New Pussycat

When I got this shirt for Zoe I knew I wanted one too. I finally found one online at Dillard's and I knew it would be a good grown-up version of Zoe's. The shirts also reminded me of the song above. Those of you that know me really well know I only listen to satellite radio. Before you say, "oh, Jessica, you are so high maintenance" you should know that I do not listen to current music. That rules out all but a few radio stations and only one is worth listening to- classic rock. I also hate commercials with a passion. I am that person that mutes the commercials. DVR has also been awesome by letting me fast forward through all the commercials. TLDR- I love my satellite radio for the variety and lack of commercials. This song came on the 60's station at least twice in the last week so it's been in my head. I searched Tom Jones on YouTube and got a good laugh out of his dance moves. Was he really considered sexy in his day? My how times have changed.
Since we had a late start and I was out yesterday evening we did our weekly grocery shopping trip today. We are eagerly awaiting back to school so we can have peace and quiet. Not to mention the cool car carts. For some reason I decided to check out the toy aisle. I actually found the two Bubble Guppies that Zoe didn't have for her rock and roll stage! I had previously searched online with no luck. I also ended up getting her a Molly doll and the hair changes color in the water. So Zoe had a great time with her new toys this evening.
Patiently waiting for mommy's free upgrade at Starbucks.
Zoe was interested in the lobsters but then she got scared. The butcher reassured her they would not get her because they were in a tank and had rubber bands on their claws.
Kisses for Molly.
Well, well, well I will give you one guess as to what she is doing here.

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