September 1, 2013

August 2013 Favorites

1. Milani Flaming Race- I saw this polish on a few beauty blogs but it didn't look that great. I don't normally get reds or pinks or anything conventional for that matter. But I decided to do a Google image search and I'm glad I did. What the beauty blogs I follow failed to mention is that this shade is more of a neon than a red. Of course, Milani is big 3 free so I went ahead and bought it. And I'm so glad I did. It's perfect for summer (or anytime really). The coverage is great as well. You can get away with one coat but I'm a two coater kind of girl.
2. Annie's Organic Saltine Classics- These are new to me- I usually buy Late July saltines. But these were on sale at Target so I tried them out. I am ashamed to admit I went through two boxes in one month. But they are just that good. They are slightly thicker than a regular saltine (which makes them good for adding extras) and they are in the shape of a hexagon. So cute!
3. Annie's Skillet Dinners- The one pictured is actually the only flavor I do not like. Annie's needs to step up their marketing game because this is the only picture I could find with the new packaging. Anyways, these meals are great and easy to make. They are new and improved from their old ones! Some days I just don't want to put a lot of effort into dinner. All you need is ground beef or turkey. There are even vegetarian options on the box. Sometimes I like to add fresh cheese and veggies to mine. But there's always salad. The ultimate lazy side veggie.
4. Pristine Beauty Take A Whiff! Natural Deodorant- I was at Whole Foods looking for my favorite deodorant (the company claimed they were in store) but they were not actually there. The salesperson had never even heard of the brand. So I searched for another option. This one had a sticker on it that said it won some kind of beauty award so I decided to get it. It also had a good smell to it. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but I was in the beauty aisle so there were tons of other competing smells. When I got home I could smell it even better and could make out in very tiny print the word- Creamsicle. It works very well (for a natural deodorant that is) and is clear.
5. RD Style Drawstring Shorts- I got these online from Dillard's. These were actually paired with a shirt I bought and I thought the model looked so good in the outfit I got the shorts too. They are very comfortable because of the drawstring waist and they are surprisingly versatile.
6. Hugo & Debra Naturals Vanilla & Sweet Orange- Keeping with the creamsicle theme I set out to find everything I could put on my body in the scent. I was thrilled to find lotion, hand soap, and body wash at Sprouts! I am going to get the shampoo and conditioner when I run out of my current stuff and from the website I see there is also lip balm, body mist, bath salts and body oil. Mmmm must have!
7. Mossimo Supply Co. Kendall Booties- I have wanted to jump on the bootie trend for a while but didn't know where to find a cute pair. I also wanted a pair that would be versatile. A pair that I could wear with anything and dress up or down. Most importantly a pair that is comfortable and easy to tote Zoe around in. These fit all of the above criteria. And even though the heat index is well in the 100's I have been wearing these non-stop. With shorts of course! These were the very last pair at Target and they happened to be in my size. It was meant to be.
8. Maui Babe Bronzing Lotion- I may have to dedicate an entire blog post to this stuff complete with before and after pictures. I was skeptical about this stuff (another Target find) but the name lured me in. I thought even if it didn't work it would remind me of the most magical place I have ever been to- Hawaii. I was also skeptical because after searching online I could only find ONE before and after picture and less than a handful or reviews on it. BTW- I have used a tanning lotion before. But that was in a tanning bed and they always made my skin itchy, tingly, or basically feeling on fire. Also in full disclosure, I am one of those people that tans easily and I burn rarely. I religiously wear SPF on my face, neck, and hands but if I'm outside or at the pool I don't put SPF on. That sounds bad but I'm totally not an outdoor person so I probably should get more sun than I do. So now that you know that I have tried other lotions and I tan easily I will say that this stuff is awesome! It's more of an oil than a lotion and it's brown. I read that it can stain but I haven't seen any on my bathing suits or towels. You may want to take baby wipes to get the product off your hands. I used this on our staycation last weekend and I was basically at the pool all day on Saturday. No burn, just a nice golden tan. I used it again yesterday at the pool for about an hour and a half. I didn't get it in some areas and those are a little red. Everywhere else is a deep, dark tan. So this stuff does prevent you from burning although it doesn't have any SPF in it. The website actually recommends layering their SPF, browning lotion and then using the after sun lotion. I am looking forward to trying the other products.
9. Bausch & Lomb Sight Savers- I have always been a stickler for clean glasses and sunglasses. I cringe when I see people use their t-shirt to wipe their glasses off. I suppose it is because every pair of glasses or sunglasses I have owned comes with a case and cleaning cloth. I was running low on the spray I use for my glasses and went to search for more at Target. They did not carry the spray but they did have these little wipes. These work so well! There is even enough product to wipe down the rims of my glasses. They are also great for travel or carrying in your bag.
10. Bubble Guppies Colors Everywhere! Book- This book is based on a BG episode and it's very cute. Zoe loves toting this around in her purse.
11. Bubble Guppies Molly Bath Doll- So if you can't tell Zoe is slightly obsessed with the BG. She loves taking this doll to the pool or in the bath. The hair does NOT actually change colors to my disappointment. But it's still a cute toy and Molly is her favorite BG so I had to get it for her.
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