September 18, 2013

My Gym + A Check-Up

Last night I did not blog because Zoe bumped her head pretty good right before her bedtime. Of course, they always hit their heads before they are supposed to go to sleep. So we kept her up an extra 30 minutes and checked on her throughout the night. The swelling was completely gone by this morning.
Yesterday morning I was not feeling great. I felt like I was coming down with a cold so I downed two packets of Emergen-C. I also have a huge bruise on my leg that was hurting when I walked. So Zoe and I stayed at home until it was time for her My Gym class. We stopped by HEB after our class for a few random things, Halloween candy, and a pre-roasted chicken for dinner.
Today Zoe had a check-up bright and early. She also got one shot and I got my flu shot (yay!). We are going back next week to get her flu shot because they were out of it for her age group- must be popular this year. We got to meet her new doctor and she was very impressed that Zoe was speaking to her in sentences. I am proud that she can say 'we go' (we are going) and 'what doing' (what are you doing). So we stayed home after the doctor. Usually after Zoe gets a shot she is a bit more clingy and subdued. She only took one midday nap so I wasn't able to do much around the house. We ordered pizza for dinner and Nick and I got to catch up on our DVR a little.
Oh, and I am tracking SIX (yes, six!) packages from Target. Two arrived in Houston this afternoon but aren't scheduled to be delivered til Friday but hopefully they will bump them up to tomorrow. And hopefully my UPS man doesn't think I'm a shopaholic!
Even though I couldn't capture a smile I promise she had a great time.
Poor baby's bump.

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