September 3, 2013

Our Labor Day Weekend

The three of us had a very relaxing Labor Day weekend. We spent our Saturday watching college football and I went to the pool during Zoe's morning nap. Sunday was also spent lounging. On Monday Zoe and I had lunch at Zoë's Kitchen while Nick worked in the yard. He also picked up dinner from Pei Wei. No cooking or cleaning is always relaxing!
Today Zoe woke up pretty early. So I took that opportunity to go to the grocery store before her first nap. I hadn't been in quite some time and my mom will be here on Thursday so I had to go. After her morning nap and lunch we headed to My Gym. The music was really fun today and they played a song from Grease and a song by The Who. Zoe and I both took an afternoon nap and we all had salmon, risotto, and asparagus for dinner. After dinner we played with Zoe and she watched Bubble   Guppies while sitting in Nick's lap.
Salad spinner mask. Zoe also loves to make noises into the bowl.
Salad spinner hat!
Facetime with Grandma.
Cuddling with Bevo.
Kisses for Bevo.
Lunch at Zoë's Kitchen.
For some reason Zoe really loves to put my necklace in my mouth and then yank it out by the chain.
"Got your nose!"
Waiting for mommy's drink at Starbucks.
She loves the trampoline. Actually she loves looking at her reflection in the mirror. Can't say I blame her!
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