September 16, 2013

Our Long Weekend

Bright and early Friday morning Zoe and I went to a playdate at Jumpstreet. It's a new trampoline park inside Katy Mills Mall and Zoe loved it! I stopped by Starbucks for a salted caramel mocha frappuccino and a breakfast sandwich (which I had to hide in my diaper bag because they didn't allow outside food). It was very nice and not crowded. There was even a special area for the younger kids so that's where Zoe played. She jumped a little but she mostly ran around playing with the bouncy balls. Another thing I liked was the employee that was in the area the entire time. He made sure the kids were playing safely and would hand Zoe a ball whenever she didn't have one. Later that evening we had dinner with the in-laws at Longhorn Steakhouse. The food was great as was our server but they probably need to hire more staff. We waited over an hour just to be seated. Luckily Bruce and Tiffany ran around outside with Zoe.
On Saturday morning I went to the pool while Nick watched Zoe. I spent the rest of the day conserving my energy for the big Phillip Lim for Target release. Nick went out to watch the fight and after I put Zoe to bed I started stalking the Target website, Facebook page, and eventually Twitter. Target decided to stagger the release of the items. They started with women's clothing, then men's, and finally around 2 am central the handbags. They even staggered the handbags by releasing them by color. I had only planned to get a large black satchel and a large purple satchel but I also ended up getting a large taupe satchel, a mini taupe satchel, and a surprise for my mom. Oh, and the 'Boom' sweatshirt and floral shirtdress. Oops! I also had to order most of the items separately so I wouldn't lose them sitting in my cart. So I have five boxes coming. Again, oops. The good news is they have all been shipped already and should be here by Friday! I was on such a shopping high I stayed up until 3:45 or so.
Sunday was also spent lounging due to my five hours of sleep. I felt pretty good until late afternoon and then I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I made dinner and did some other things around the house and that helped me stay awake. Since I was still awake I watched Breaking Bad which, of course, scared me so I stayed up til almost eleven! This morning I was still dragging so Zoe and I stayed home all morning. After her morning nap and lunch we went to Target. I had a few groceries to get but I mostly needed toiletries, cleaning items, and household stuff in general so that was the best choice. I was also curious to see if there was any Phillip Lim stuff left. Pretty much all of the clothing was there! I was shocked because people have been dying to get the 'Boom' sweatshirt. I picked up a leopard print dress. I also found a lone handbag hidden away but it wasn't really my style. I have a feeling more were hidden (and I'm sure some will be returned in a week or so). So even though I didn't do much this weekend I am exhausted. But it was all worth it!
Zoe and Pixie playing together.
This is how I felt Sunday afternoon after the lack of sleep caught up with me.
I brought Zoe's carseat in to fix the cover and she put her doll in the seat.
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