September 13, 2013

Our Week

We haven't done a lot this week but I am finally starting to feel better! My nausea is completely gone and I have the other symptoms under control thanks to Midol and Pamprin (so lovely being a woman). I even have my energy back despite Zoe's new wakeup time of 7:45. She has been consistently taking two naps a day though so I won't complain. If I need to I take an afternoon nap when she does.
On Monday Zoe and I stayed home so our week actually started on Tuesday. ;) I took Zoe to her My Gym class on Tuesday. She loved it, as usual. She has become more confident in climbing and exploring. On Wednesday we went to the grocery store. That night I made lasagna for the first time. I asked my mom for the recipe but she told me she just goes by the recipe on the box. I found ready to bake noodles and went with the recipe on the box. It turned out a little dry though. Next time I will also add in a can of tomato paste or crushed tomatoes and more cheese. I will also probably change the layering order. This recipe was layered sauce, noodles, cheese and that didn't seem right. I will try noodles, sauce, cheese next time. It was VERY easy to make. It's definitly one of those things that intimidated me but now that I've made it it's so easy and I will never buy the frozen version again. On Thursday Zoe and I stayed home. I did a ton of laundry that actually still needs to be hung, folded and put away. I also went to dinner for ladies night out with some of the moms from my playgroup. Bruce came over to watch Zoe because Nick was at a happy hour. So that has been our short week so far! I will try to put up a new blog post tonight of today's events.

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