September 9, 2013

Our Weekend with Grandma

Since Nick was out of town for a wedding my mom came into town to keep Zoe and I company! I have not been blogging recently because, long story short, I'm having horrible withdrawal symptoms from getting off the mini-pill because of the side effects from it. I know, really?! Who knew the withdrawal symptoms would be worse than the actual pill side effects? Ladies- get off your hormone bc if you have ANY unwanted side effects. Luckily (or sometimes not) my symptoms come in waves and are lessening by the day.
Anyways, my mom arrived Thursday night. On Friday we took a little trip to Michael's and Target. My mom got Zoe some Halloween clothes, some crafty stuff for me, and makeup at Target. After we all had an afternoon nap we went to our local Mexican food restaurant. On Saturday I went to lay out by the pool while my mom watched Zoe. My mom also watched Zoe while I got a mani/pedi that afternoon. It was kind of rainy that afternoon so we just ordered salads and pizza from Pepperoni's. I love ordering pizza from them because they are local, fast, and the employees are the nicest. Plus I always order a salad with my pizza. They even have appetizers, calzones, pasta, and dessert! On Sunday my mom went to get her mani/pedi while Zoe took her morning nap and I got ready. We then went to have lunch at Zoë's Kitchen. We decided we needed more stuff from Target so that's where we headed next. After my mom put Zoe down for her afternoon nap she drove back to San Antonio. I also got a good afternoon nap and Zoe and I had our weekend leftovers for dinner.
We had a lot of fun hanging out around the house. I was really grateful for my mom's company and she was a big help while I wasn't feeling well.
Patiently waiting for Grandma to arrive.
After I arranged her books on the shelf she proceeded to take them off one by one and going over each page like she was reading. :)
Zoe wearing Grandma's glasses.
"Ok I'll take these off now."
Happy girl rooting for her team. She's also happy because she has cash and a credit card in her hand.
Lunch at Zoë's Kitchen.
Grandma rocking Zoe to sleep.
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