October 4, 2013

Our Trip to San Antonio

We arrived in San Antonio early Thursday afternoon. My mom had Bill Miller's waiting for me and a bunch of organic food for Zoe. I had a hair appointment so I left Zoe with my mom to take a much needed nap. That evening we stayed in and relaxed. On Friday I could NOT get Zoe to nap at all so we went to Nordstrom that afternoon. We did a bit of shopping, my mom spotted Jaclyn (from my birthday last year) and asked her to take a picture with Zoe then me. She was very sweet and talked to us for a while. After shopping we went to have lunch at P.F. Chang's. Zoe was a little trooper and she fell asleep for about 10 minutes in the car. Of course, she wouldn't nap when we got home either so she went to bed really early on Friday. Saturday we stayed in all day (with the exception of a Starbucks run). It was rainy and I didn't want to take Zoe out in it. She skipped her first nap but, thankfully, took her second one. We also had a visit from Carrie and Nick! We talked for a long time and Zoe eventually woke up and entertained them. Since it was still rainy we had Taipei delivered. Yes, Taipei delivers now! If I still lived in S.A. I would have food delivered to me all the time. On Sunday we decided to visit my Grandma. Since Zoe had been skipping her morning naps we woke up, fed her, got ready, then drove to my Grandma's house. Zoe took a nice nap in the car and woke up just as we pulled into my Grandma's gate. Zoe had fun stomping around on the wood floors and playing with my Grandma's stuffed animals and one doll that belonged to my Aunt Diane. We then drove into La Vernia to try out a new restaurant. It was very good- they had awesome fresh green beans and rolls. After we got back from lunch we got to see the lambs and when we got out of the car Zoe was laughing at them. That evening my mom made meatloaf, green beans, mashed potatoes and a pound cake. We had dinner with Charlie, Jordan, and Jordan's friend Megan. We had a great time visiting with them! I recorded Breaking Bad on my mom's dvr so I got to watch it without commercials after Zoe went to bed. I thought the ending was a predictable and it left me wanting to know more. On Monday morning we got all packed up and Zoe took a nap in the car on the way home. We picked up lunch for ourselves and Nick (since he stayed home from work). After Zoe had lunch and played a bit she took a long nap. I took the opportunity to nap too and Nick even let me sleep a little longer than Zoe and watched her. I didn't really have to cook since my mom sent us home with tons of leftovers. So we had a low key weekend in San Antonio!
Big girl eating Grandma's home-cooked food.
With our favorite ANTM alum.'
Playing in the rain!
One of Zoe's many beautiful works of art.
She loves those fuzzy blankets!
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