November 20, 2013

What We've Been Up To

Hello everyone! I was busy doing laundry and dishes (so much more now that the microwave is broken because I have to use a pan on or in the stove) so I was too tired to blog last night. On Monday night Zoe was sneezing quite a bit. But when she woke up yesterday morning she was no longer sneezing. So we went about our day. We went to My Gym in the afternoon and then made a very quick trip to the grocery store.
She didn't sneeze at all last night so I thought I was in the clear. However, she woke up with a runny nose and a very low temperature today. After I cleaned her face and fed her breakfast she was in a great mood! Her fever has disappeared as of tonight and she was extra active. So I have no idea if she has a very mild cold or just had a random runny nose. That girl keeps me on my toes!
Zoe's dressy holiday shoes arrived via UPS today and we are still waiting on some parts for our microwave (among many other online shopping purchases). The repairman is supposed to come tomorrow so hopefully we will get a package in the morning! 
Here are a few photos from yesterday and today.
 She grabbed the mustard out of the fridge yesterday and has been carrying it around since.
 Now some mustard on the kitty (or key as Zoe says).
 Now some mustard for her tummy.
 And more mustard for kitty's tail.
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