November 4, 2013

Zoe's Work of Art

Zoe has recently taken to coloring. I bought her a giant pad of paper and I place it on the ground or the coffee table for her. While I was making dinner last week she was coloring on the floor. My back was to her but I could hear her coloring and humming to herself. At some point I turned around and she was standing up, coloring on the fridge. I really wanted to laugh out loud but I knew I had to scold her. I ended up telling her no twice but the third time I said a mean no. She immediately burst into tears but she has not colored on the fridge since then. When she wasn't looking I snapped a quick picture. I felt so proud to be in the crayon on something other than paper club. I even left it up until Nick got home to see it in person. He thought it was funny too but agreed I should have scolded her so she won't do it again. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to the rescue again! 
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