December 3, 2013

That's A Pig

"That's a pig" is what Zoe said to me this morning while reading through one of her books! It's crazy to me that she is comprehending what she sees and then expressing it in full sentences to me.
After our whirlwind weekend we had another busy few days. Yesterday we went to the last Monday's with Mommy of the year. They have been having it at a new location and it is so much better because there is more space for the kids to run around. Afterwards we set off to do some shopping. We stopped by a new candy store called Rocket Fizz. Not only did they have unique candy they also had specialty sodas, vintage posters, and little gifts. We picked up a chick-o-stick, whistle candy, a mini Toblerone, a lollipop, and a few stocking stuffer's for Nick. We also stopped by Loft where I picked up a much needed basic striped shirt and a cardigan on sale. Zoe was ready for her morning nap so we headed home. We stayed home the rest of the day because we had to wait for the GE repairman to fix our microwave. We are happy to have our convenient microwave back!
Today Zoe and I had a lazy morning. I was planning to go grocery shopping but the fog was so scary we stayed in. We went to My Gym in the afternoon (they had the train today!) and I dropped Zoe off at home for her afternoon nap. Nick took a day off so he was able to watch her while I went to the grocery store. Even though I stocked up on some good stuff I decided to make Stouffer's enchiladas and rice. It was pretty good but a little spicy. I got the party size and we finished all but one!
 Can you spot my little sprinter?
 Matching kitty shoes.
 Trying to catch all the bubbles.
Watching the train rides.
 You can't tell but she loves the train rides.
My little dancing queen danced for the entire song.

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