September 2, 2014

She's A Rainbow

I can't believe our little girl is already 2 1/2! She is sweet, empathetic, inquisitive, goofy, polite, and bubbly. She is always singing or dancing with a smile on her face. We have truly been spoiled by this girl who puts the color in our world. Happy 2 1/2 years Zoe!  

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September 1, 2014

August 2014 Favorites

1. Tom Petty (and the Heartbreakers)- I have always been a fan of classic rock but for some reason TPATH was never on my radar. On my four hour drive to Fredericksburg last month I was flipping through channels and stopped when I heard Tom Petty talking. Turns out I caught a "rerun" of him on SiriusXM Town Hall. TPATH had an entire station devoted to them for a month or so and I caught the tail end. I usually don't listen to talk radio or talk shows because listening to people talk puts me to sleep. But Tom Petty was so interesting and funny- so funny! They played a bit of music in between the show and after and I never changed the station. Our cottage in Fredericksburg had Dish (which also happens to have SiriusXM music channels) so, naturally, I listened to TPATH there as well. And the entire four hours back home. When I got home I downloaded my favorite songs onto my phone so I can listen to them whenever I want (mostly in the car). TPATH is coming to town later this month and I really, really want to go. I have basically been asking Nick every day to make it my birthday and Christmas present. Did you know that Tom Petty was in The Postman? I love crappy Kevin Costner movies so this is right up my alley. Did you also know that he was a series regular as Lucky in King of the Hill? Another awesome show that I have started watching reruns of in hopes of catching Tom Petty. I will stop now because I could go on all day about The Traveling Wilburys, his Michele Bachmann smackdown, and how I basically agree with all of his opinions.
2. Conair You Curl XL- I have had this curling wand forever but I never really liked it and would always just use my straightener to make curls. It wasn't until Carrie's bachelorette party last month that Katherine did my hair and explained how to do it that I tried using it again. Turns out it is pretty important to point the tip down and not up when trying to curl/ wave your hair. Mind blown. I have been using it to do beachy waves all month and I'm still not sick of it. It has four settings and I usually use the hottest two depending on how long I want my waves to last. It also came with a glove but I don't use it and I haven't burned myself... yet. I got it so long ago I don't remember where I bought it. If I had to guess I would say Target. Of course, it is also available online.
3. L'Oreal Colour Riche Collection Exclusive Jennifer's Nude- The first time I looked for this shade it was sold out. But when I went back it was mine. There are 4 or 5 other shades and each one is for a different skin tone. This one is for a Jennifer Lopez skin tone (not sure if she helped create the color or what). I think it would also look good with a fair complexion because it's not a very dark nude.
4. Pandora bracelet- My mother-in-law went on vacation and she got me a special charm while staying at the Hotel Coronado. She wasn't sure if I had a Pandora bracelet already but she got one for me to put the charm on and I'm so glad she did! I had a charm bracelet in high school (I still have it but don't wear it) and it was always fun to get a charm for special events. So I'm really looking forward to adding new charms to it.
5. Bobeau Side Ruched Striped Maxi Dress- This is another thing I had forever and never wore it. I was actually going to return it but I tried it on one last time before doing so and I decided to keep it. I have been wearing maxi dresses (or just dresses in general) because they are so easy to toss on. I like this dress because the material is really soft and stretchy.
6. San Antonio Spurs 2014 NBA Finals Champions 22 oz. Insulated Tumbler- My mom bought me this cup because she knows I love a good tumbler. I actually broke the first one she gave me on accident. It was totally my fault and not in any way a fault of the cup. It's very sturdy and I can put it in the dishwasher. I also like that it has a place for a straw if I want to use one. I also like that it is a bit oversized- but not too big for the cup holders in my car. It's great for these hot days.
7. Roux 'Tween Time Temporary Hair Color Touch-Up Stick- I have gray hair and I'm not ashamed to admit it. My hair grows very quickly (this can be a good thing and a bad thing) so even though I religiously get my hair done every six weeks I have quite a bit of gray to cover up. I have tried a spray and liquid cover up (as well as a rinse you put on wet hair in the shower) and this stick is the best. The stick is easy to travel with, not messy, and the light brown color is the perfect match for my hair color. It can look a little waxy after applying but I just run a comb through it. I have also found that it works a little better if I apply it when my hair is still wet as opposed to after I have dried it. I found mine at Sally's.
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August 15, 2014

Carrie Gets Married Bachelorette Party

The first weekend of August we celebrated my best friend and her upcoming wedding. We rented a cottage in Fredericksburg for the weekend and had a great time eating and drinking wine, of course! *Most of these pictures were shamelessly stolen from Carrie and her soon to be sister-in-law, Emily. I need to up my photography game!
The view from cottage #3
Our first night at Navajo Grill.
The entire group after our first wine tasting.
At Becker Vineyards (our second tasting) right before some delicious pizza. 
In our awesome party van! Carrie appears to pass out in the last frame.
At our fourth and final wine tasting.
The bachelorette at her lingerie party. Katherine was responsible for pretty much all of the cute decor!
After our dinner at Hilltop Cafe.
We had an elk pen outside!
Our brunch at Bejas before shopping.

We had such a fun weekend! It was great to stay in a cottage with my best friends and just get to hang out together like old times. I'm thinking we will have to make the trip a yearly event! I am so honored to be a part of Carrie's big day and I look forward to many more wedding events and the actual wedding, of course! 
*Thank you to everyone that put up with my Tom Petty obsession!
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July 2014 Favorites

Wow this post is more than a bit belated so I'll just dive right in!

1. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Peek-a-Boo Cuckoo- Sometime this summer Zoe became obsessed with clocks (and watches which you will see below). She would point out every single clock and say "cuckoo clock!" Since we weren't going to spend hundreds (or is it thousands?) of dollars on a real cuckoo clock Nick ordered a kid version from Amazon. The clock is really cute! It plays music and there are buttons to push, levers to pull, things to twist, etc. Of course, there is a little bird that says, "cuckoo!"
2. Creatology Kinetic Sand- I randomly picked this up for Zoe at Michael's one day. She's a big fan of sand so I got this and a little plastic box to keep it contained in. It comes in all colors (we obviously picked up pink) and the texture is just really cool. It's almost like liquid. I even find it fun and relaxing to play with. Zoe loves making little shapes with the sand then smashing them. I also found some molds around the house for her to play with. I picked up the purple sand when I saw it go on sale.
3. Disney Kids' Minnie Mouse White Rubber Strap Watch- For our anniversary in June Nick and I got matching watches and Zoe kept wanting to wear them (that was a big no). So when he got the cuckoo clock he also got her this watch. She loves wearing it and we are hoping it will get her interested in learning how to tell time on an analog watch.
4. Veggie Straws- After I had the ranch flavor of these at our 4th of July block party I was on the hunt for more. After looking at Target, Kroger, and Sprouts I could only find the plain ones. I picked them up and they are officially Zoe's new favorite snack. She seriously went though most of a bag today. Really any brand is great. I also found mini bags at Kroger which are great to carry around in my diaper bag. (I did manage to find the ranch flavor when I was out of town at HEB.)
5. Alba Very Emollient Sunscreen Kids Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 40- Last kid related favorite! I am very picky about my sunscreen and even more picky with the sunscreen I put on Zoe. So when I found a non-aerosol spray, broad spectrum, no nasty chemicals, etc I snapped it up. It was on the pricey side but it has been worth every penny. It's not greasy, has a typical sunscreen smell, and they spray is awesome because it doesn't get everywhere. How can I tell it's working? Zoe hasn't had a sunburn or even the slightest bit of pink. I think she also got some of my good tanning genes so it's possibly a combination of the two!
6. Kinky-Curly Perfectly Polished Nourishing Hair Oil- Ok this one is another pool related favorite. I have had this oil for a while and occasionally use it but I have found an even better use this summer. Since Zoe and I go to the pool more often than not sometimes that means going right after I wash my hair. Instead of blow drying it I will leave it wet and coat my hair with this concentrating on the ends. The sun warms the oil up so it's like a hot oil treatment! After my hair air dries (which can sometimes take until the next morning) it is so soft and silky. It's also great for using as a shine serum on dry hair.
7. Pink Sugar Rollerball- I have been wanting to try this perfume for a while so on a lone trip to Ulta I sampled it and found the rollerball size. Since I have so many fragrances I have started buying the travel or rollerball size. This way they don't get old and stale. Like the name implies, this is a sugary sweet scent. The scent doesn't last as long as I would like and isn't the strongest but that is perfect for the summer months.
8. Pacifica Enlightened Lip Gloss in Beach Kiss- A few weeks ago Sprouts was having a great beauty sale so I picked this up. The color is very light and sheer with a bit of shimmer in it. The scent is sweet but not overpowering. The consistency is not too thick or tacky. I have found that it wears off pretty quickly but the tube is oversized so I don't mind reapplying.
9. Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Solid Perfume- This was another Sprouts sale find. I really love all of Pacifica's scents and I didn't have this one so I picked it up. Their solid scents are GREAT for traveling so I keep mine in the diaper bag at all times. After applying this to all my pulse points I run what's left through my hair. None of their products have alcohol in them so they won't dry out your hair. This scent is sweet with a little hint of citrus. Again, it doesn't last long alone but it can be layered with lotion and the spray perfume.
10. Kendra Scott Ellie Stud Earrings in Blue and Iridescent Drusy- Another Kendra Scott favorite- how original! Haha! I know I post about this every month but these earrings are the most versatile pieces I have. I had been wanting more studs and when I saw the drusy I knew they were mine. And so you don't think I'm crazy for buying two pairs at a time- my mom got me the blue pair. :)
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June 30, 2014

June 2014 Favorites

1. Back to Nature Peanut Butter Crème Cookies- I picked up these cookies at Kroger because they were on sale (and Nick ate my organic ones). So I figured these would be a good substitute. These are even better! They aren't organic but they don't have any preservatives or HFCS. And I basically love anything peanut butter.
2. Where is Warehouse Mouse?- This is one of those little show/commercials on Disney Jr. (which is Zoe's new favorite channel). At some point she really started watching this. She gets so excited that she squeals with delight when it comes on. She narrates everything the mouse is doing which is pretty hilarious. I added every episode I could find onto her YouTube playlist and we watch them when she's in a bad mood.
3. Buc-cee- Nick and I picked this up for Zoe when we were out of town for a wedding. I had previously gotten her a tiny keychain and I knew she would love a bigger toy. As soon as we gave it to her she exclaimed, "Buc-cee!" She continued to carry it around all evening telling us she loved her Buc-cee. He goes almost everywhere with us (as does the keychain aka baby Buc-cee) and he is one of the select few stuffed animals she allows in her crib.
4. Bodycology XOXO lotion and body spray- I picked this up randomly at Kroger. I am pretty sure I was alone so I had some free time to go up and down the beauty aisles. I was surprised how nice this smelled considering it was a drugstore brand. But I figured it would be good for summertime when I'm constantly moisturizing and the spray is nice because it's much lighter than perfume. It does the job, smells great, and is an even better price!
5. At a Glance Calendar- Now I know I have a calendar on my phone, iPad, and one hanging in the kitchen but I felt like I needed a monthly planner so I could see everything at once. This planner is very basic, no bells or whistles, but I love it! It's a bit oversized but it's very thin so I can even put it in my bag. I love the oversized squares for the days because I can always fit everything in. There are even a few extra pages in the back for future dates, addresses, etc.
6. Old Navy Boyfriend Cuffed Denim Short & Linen Blend Short- After going through my summer wardrobe I realized I was in need of more, longer shorts. Just last year I ventured into women's clothing because I needed something long enough to cover my bum while chasing Zoe around. So I only had a few pair of "adult" shorts. I got the boyfriend shorts in the color above and white. I like that they are comfortable and casual. I got the linen shorts in black and chambray. I love those because they are ultra lightweight. Both styles are long enough to cover everything but not too long to be considered matronly.
7. Poke-A-Dot Ten Little Monkeys- I was shopping at Learning Express and the salesgirl showed me this book. She said it was new to the store and it was good for learning to count (which Zoe is). The little holes have a plastic button type thing that you press and it makes a click sound. So the idea is to count every time you click a button. Zoe was already very familiar with the Ten Little Monkeys story and she got the hang of popping the buttons right away. I can't wait to get her different stories. I highly recommend this if your child is learning how to count!
8. Target Gel Pens- I had to get these when I got my new planner. This package has every color and every finish. There are pastels, glitters, and plain gel pens. They bleed a tiny bit but you can't beat the price. They make scheduling the most boring appointments a but better.
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June 8, 2014

May 2014 Favorites

So I know I said I would get better about posting to the blog and I only had a measly two posts last month. I even have eight (eight!) drafts waiting to be finished.
 Obviously, we had a busy month and I personally had a few bumps in the road. Right before Mother's Day Zoe started sleeping in very late (so late I had to cancel play dates). She wasn't acting herself but didn't seem sick otherwise. During that time I had congestion (which I'm assuming was allergies). After that my allergies really got out of control. On top of that I injured my wrist at the gym. 
The next weekend Abby, Will, and Matthew came to visit us and we stayed busy.
 One week after injuring my wrist I chipped a front tooth. How, you may ask? Opening a package with my teeth! Now I know why my dentist always used to warn me about it. Luckily, I was able to get an appointment to have it fixed the next day. I was in a sad state. 
The last weekend of May was spent in San Antonio for my sorority sister's wedding and Zoe stayed here in Katy with her Papa Bruce. On Sunday we got her home and she started acting oddly so we took her temperature and she had a very high fever. Fast forward to Thursday morning at 3 am (yes, I was waking up every 4 hours to check her temperature and give her Tylenol) and her fever finally broke. I wanted to see the doctor before it got busy with kids getting out of school so I called Thursday and they were able to fit us in that afternoon. As I was dressing Zoe I noticed some bumps by her hairline. I assumed they were from not bathing her that week (hello, high fever and cranky kid) and shrugged them off. We stopped by Chick-Fil-A for lunch and then we were seen by the doctor. She didn't seem concerned but she spotted more of the rash on Zoe's chest and back. As soon as she saw the rash she knew it was Roseola. Basically, another random virus that every little kid gets and it's going around here right now. There is no treatment for it- just Tylenol if the fever is uncomfortable and Benadryl for any itching. Luckily for Zoe the rash isn't too bad and it doesn't seem to be bothering her. Zoe has been a little trooper through it all. She has been getting anything she wants (haha that's mostly normal) like juice and donuts. She has been extra clingy but I have been enjoying the cuddles. 
My mom visited us this weekend so we were busy again. It was nice to sleep in a bit and Nick and I went to see the new X-Men movie yesterday.
1. Fieldcrest Luxury 600 Thread Count Sheet Set- Nick's lovely cat, Silly, loves to scratch our mattress and she finally ripped the fitted sheet so we had to get a new set. I was getting sick of white so I requested something dark and this is what Nick picked up.The color matches our duvet cover perfectly and I love the feel of new sheets. The fitted sheet is also extra deep so it's not a battle to put it on.
2. Tangle Teezer- I was skeptical about this when I saw it but I heard good things about it so I tried it anyways. It was only $10 which is a steal compared to my other brushes. This tiny hand shaped brush is great at detangling my wet hair (I can't tell you how many combs I have broken in my wet hair) and Zoe's hair.
3. Earth Theraputics Hello Kitty Ergomatic Sleep Mask- I admit I only got this because it was Hello Kitty but I'm so glad I did. Unlike traditional eye masks the eyelid area is raised for a more comfortable REM experience. I have worn plenty of traditional eye masks and never had a problem with my eyes touching the mask but this one feels so nice. The nose area is also raised and the strap has velcro so it can be adjusted. I highly recommend this for anyone that needs complete darkness to sleep.
4. Mossimo Theresa Wedge Sandal- Like most of my Target shoes these were meant to be because they were the last pair and they were in my size! I had been looking for a new black wedge and these fit the bill. The top material is very stretchy and comfortable. I love the simple lines of this wedge.
5. Essie Serial Shopper- When I saw the name of this polish I knew I had to have it. But I got it home and saw that I already had something similar. I was about to return it but I looked up swatches online and discovered it didn't look like the polish I already owned. The bottle looks like a bright coral but on the nail it is more neon and orange-y. It is a really gorgeous summertime color. It requires 2-3 coats or a white base. This really is my current favorite because I painted my nails with this color three times in a row!
6. Kendra Scott Alexandra Earrings in Abalone Shell- I know, I know. Another Kendra Scott piece of jewelry! I got these at a special event where part of the proceeds were donated to a cause very dear to my heart. I usually go for the smaller KS earrings but I was drawn to these. I was actually afraid to wear these at first. I wasn't sure what they would go with but I soon discovered they go with everything. I wear these all the time! They are a great way to add a little sparkle to any outfit. Most importantly, they are comfortable and don't get in my way when I am running around with Zoe. The abalone shell is great for summertime!
7. Florida's Natural Au'some Organic Nuggets in Fruit Grove- I was only able to get these once at Target (and the last time I was there I couldn't find them) but they were a big hit! I almost didn't get them because they had a picture of a banana on the package and I hate bananas (so stupid, I know). Even though they were mostly for Zoe I wanted to try them too. They are your typical fruit snack with a delicious flavor- very addictive. I like them because they are easy to chew and the little bags are convenient for me to carry in my diaper bag. I just wish they were easier to find!
8. Cloud B Twilight Ladybug Constellation Night Light in Pink- Zoe has had this probably since she was born. I had to get it because it was a ladybug AND it was pink. They have other colors and different animals and they project stars and the moon in red, green, or blue. I used it a few times and she didn't seem to notice. Then one evening she discovered the moon. She has been obsessed with finding the moon when we are outside so I showed her this nightlight. So I turn this on for her every night so she can see the moon and the stars in her room. She must get her love of space from Nick. :)
9. Futuro Wrist Band- This is a boring favorite but it really helped my wrist when I injured it. I splurged for the top of the line adjustable and reversible version because I figured I would need it again at some point.
10. SureFit Slipcovers- I have been wanting slipcovers forever. I finally had an excuse when Abby, Will, and Matthew came to town. We normally use random blankets to keep the cats from scratching the couch but I was tired of the mish mash of colors. I went to Target and found a nice, neutral color and the chair cover was even on sale. They also have ties at the front that make them somewhat adjustable. I love that they are machine washable and they really keep the cats from scratching up the couch. They are not as fond of this material as they are of the couch material.
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May 7, 2014

A Guide to the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Even though Mother's Day is just four days away I thought I would share some helpful tips for picking out the perfect gift. 
1. Always give a card- This can be store bought, hand made, or even just a nice note. I love to get cards and display them around the house for a week or two. If you get a store bought version be sure to write something personal inside. 
2. Think of what mom really wants- If the mom in question works outside the home she may love a day with the kids. If the mom in question is a stay at home mom she may prefer to sleep in or have her husband take the kids out of the house for the day. (I am a SAHM and I absolutely love my job but I will be sleeping in on Sunday and only leaving the house unless I really want to). If mom has grown kids (that are moms themselves) she may want to do something with her kids and grandkids or go on a grown-up date with her child. Follow through with what mom says she wants.
3. Gifts don't have to be expensive- I don't know how much to stress this but most often the best gifts are FREE (see my above plans for Sunday). If you want to go all out and get an expensive gift that is fine too! But I can guarantee you that all moms will appreciate a homemade card, homemade gift (no matter how old the gift giver is), a phone call, a coupon book (you know- free hugs, good for one kitchen helper, etc.), breakfast/lunch/dinner in bed, or simply just time with their kids. 
I hope this is helpful in deciding how to celebrate all the wonderful moms in your life!
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May 5, 2014

April 2014 Favorites

Hello again! I have been bad about updating the blog but I have tons of good pictures of Zoe to share so look for new (Zoe) posts.
1. Tildon V-Neck Drop Waist High/Low Dress in Black- I originally tried on the lilac version of this dress first but when I saw the black I knew it would be more versatile. It is very comfortable and easy to move around in (a must with an active toddler). I love the built in slip and it's easy to dress up or down. I'm actually wearing it right now! I dressed it up with wedges this morning and I will be wearing with flats to lunch. The black is sold out but the lilac version is available. This dress is also very similar.
2. Birkenstock 'Arizona' Soft Footbed Suede Sandal in Billiard- I finally took the plunge and bought a pair of Birkenstocks at the end of March. I had been looking at them since last year so I figured I should just go ahead and get them. I actually didn't wear them for a while because I wasn't sure if I would keep them. I''m glad I started wearing them because they are soooo comfortable. I haven't done any major walking in these (like traveling or to a place like the zoo) but they have been comfortable when I have worn them. Even though I got them in a bright turquoise color they are surprisingly versatile.
3. My Singing Monsters- This is another game my husband got me hooked on. I had downloaded it randomly on my iPad but lost interest because I had no idea how to play. When I saw my husband playing it I asked a lot of questions and decided to give it another try. You basically breed monsters and they each make a different sound so it's like a monster symphony. I know, it's cheesy but I love it.
4. Method Pure Naked Moisturizing Body Wash- This is a product I'm surprised I never knew existed. I usually buy my body was at Sprouts but when I searched for this I decided to try 3 different scents (Magnolia and 2 of the limited edition summer scents). The bottle are quite large which is nice. I have only used Magnolia but I love it. It has moisturizer in it so my skin doesn't feel dry after using it. I have even used quite a bit in my homemade sugar scrub.
5. Method Daily Granite- If you can't tell I am trying out all of the Method products. I had been meaning to get more granite cleaner so I decided to try a new one. The previous brand I had was a wipe and this one is a spray. I think I like the spray better because I can use as much or as little as I want. This gives the granite just the right amount of polish without being too greasy.
6. Opti Fresh Replenish Rewetting Drops- My old eye drops had expired (and they were more for red eyes) so I tried this brand instead. These drops really help with every day dryness and irritation I get from my contacts (especially my left contact which is for astigmatism so I can feel the difference in that contact). I just wish the bottle was larger.
7. Nyx Butter Gloss- I finally decided to see what all the hype was about with the glosses. I'm really glad I did because you can't beat $5 a pop! I have 3 colors (Meringue, Creme Brûlée, and Maple Blondie) and I'm impressed with the formula on them all. They have good color payoff, the formula is not tacky, and they smell sweet.
8. Nature's Path Organic Frosted Mmmaple Brown Sugar Toaster Pastries- I believe I got these at Kroger (it was there or Target). I had really low expectations because I love the original Pop-Tart brand. I was pleasantly surprised because these taste exactly like the original! Even though I know they are totally bad for me I feel a little better that they are organic. At least that's how I rationalize junk food.
9. Little Cosmetics Beauty Set- I got this for Zoe a while ago but she just recently started using it. After many tantrums and meltdowns when I would not let her use my expensive makeup or brushes I ordered this on Amazon Prime. She still tries to steal my brushes but she loves opening the little compacts and pretending to put the makeup on her face. I wonder who she gets that from?
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April 2, 2014

March 2014 Favorites

1. Kendra Scott 'Rayne' Stone Tassel Pendant Necklace- I have wanted this necklace for a really long time and when I saw it in a new summer color (Violet, which is Zoe's middle name) I knew I had to get it. It is very versatile and I've been able to wear it with a lot of my existing clothing. 

2. Madison & Berkeley Long Sheer Knit Cardigan- This was another Nordstrom find from the Savvy department. This winter was unusually long so it came in handy for those cold days. It is great for layering over short sleeved shirts or tank tops.

3. Essie Playdate Nail Laquer- I'm not sure if this is a new color or not but when I saw it I was immediately drawn to it. The pastel shade is perfect for spring and I love the name. It seems appropriate for a SAHM like myself.

4. Archer Farms Milk Chocolate Mocha Truffle Almonds- I saw these for the first time in March and I picked them up. The mocha texture is a bit dry at first but these are so good. They are a nice treat instead of the dark chocolate almonds.

5. BVLGARI 'Charms-Omnia Coral' Eau de Toilette- This is an old perfume that I have started wearing again. I usually don't have summer or winter perfumes but this one seemed perfect for warmer weather. I also like that it is in a smaller travel size. That way I can have more perfumes and not feel like the large sizes are going to waste. I'm no fragrance expert so here are the fragrance notes from the website:
  • - Goji berries: sparkling-citrus allure.
    - Hibiscus flower: fresh, floral, fruity scent.
    - Pomegranate: sweet-tart aroma

    6. Method Gel Handwash Summer Limited Edition in Brambleberry Gelato, Orange Ginger Sorbet, and Vanilla Crème- I love it when Method comes out with new scents. As soon as I saw these in Target I snapped up all 3. We always need hand soap. Of course, I smelled them all before I got them and I loved them all. I have only been able to use the Vanilla but I will be ready to try a new one soon. This hand wash is great- foams just the right amount and the scent lingers for a little bit but is not overwhelming.

    7. Tanwise Dark Bronzing Sunless Mousse- I have tried so many sunless tanners and (so far) this is one of the best. My previous favorite is discontinued so I'm always on the hunt for a good and affordable self tanner. A few things I love about it: the consistency, the color guide (more dark olive green than orange), and the smell. Is does not smell like a self tanner! Things I don't like: it can go on patchy and it takes a long time to dry. So far I love the color it gives me and it is build-able. I applied mine on Sunday and Monday night and I don't have any fading or the dreaded patches.

    8. Bobeau Screenprint Shirttail Tee- As soon as I saw this I knew it was something I needed in my closet. I must say this at least 3 times a day while trying to pick out an outfit to wear. This shirt is slightly cropped so I like to wear it with a camisole or high waist jeans. It's very comfortable and because it is a neutral it's versatile.

    9. Wallykazam- This is more of a thing for Zoe's list but I think it's a really cute show. It's one that I like to watch too. For some reason Zoe thinks this show is hilarious and laughs so much when she watches it. It's educational (obviously!) and she is at an age where she can answer the questions correctly. It is definitely a show that keeps her engaged.
    1. Cherokee Necklace- I am always looking for age appropriate accessories for Zoe so I bought this for her at Target. It coordinates with a lot of her clothing and when she sees me wearing a necklace I can give her this one to wear.

    2. Cascadian Farms Fruitful-O's- I'm pretty sure this has been on MY favorites list before (they are delicious) but Zoe has recently been loving these. Not sure if she is going through a growth spurt but a typical breakfast for her is a banana, some berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries), sometimes a pear or orange, milk, a few bites of whatever I'm having, and sometimes she will still be hungry so that's when I give her cereal. If we have morning plans I will give her a plate of fruit at home and then give her some cereal in the car. 

    3. Peppa Pig- Nick and I got this for Zoe for her birthday. She really loves this show ("more pig!" is what she says). So we got this because it's super cute and it talks when you squeeze it. She loves to hold it when watching the show. 

    4. Boon Animal Bag- Zoe has 4 billion stuffed animals and I was looking for a storage option that would also show off her collection. I came across this and it didn't seem like it would work and it was kind of expensive compared to the little hammock I also bought. It got good reviews so I ordered it anyways. Wow- I'm so glad I gave it a chance! The material is very high quality and soft. The zipper is also high quality and I have no trouble with it. I was able to fit all 4 billion stuffed animals into it with some room to spare. I keep it in the living room and Zoe uses it as a pillow to lounge on. Boon also makes a larger size that I have my eye on.

    5. Melissa & Doug Chloe & Zoe Magnetic Dolls- This was another birthday present Zoe received and she absolutely loves it. When she first got it she played with the dolls for almost an hour all by herself. She plays with the magnets on a daily basis (poor kid doesn't have any magnets because all our appliances are stainless steel) and is always carrying the dolls around.

    6. Play doh- I put Play doh in the goodie bags at Zoe's party and when I gave her hers to play with she went crazy for it. She wanted ALL the colors so I gave her two which she promptly mixed, took to bed with her, and it had hardened by the morning. I got some more tiny party sized tubs so she can have a little bit of every color. So far she just carries it around but I'm not surprised she doesn't like squishing it between her fingers.

    7. Toddler table and chairs- This was another one of Zoe's birthday presents. She eats almost every meal at her table and she loves it. She also likes to play with certain toys and she likes to have tea parties (so cute) there. 

    8. Bo-Po Peel Off Nail Polish- I have had some Piggy Polish for Zoe probably since she was born but I quickly realized she would never stay still long enough for her nails to dry. When I saw this set at Nordstrom I wanted to try it. I love all of the colors and it dries SO fast! Like under 30 seconds fast. It's non-toxic and peels off very easily. Zoe loves it and she has learned how to hold her hands out when her nails are drying. Soon she will be ready to go get manicures and pedicures with me!

    9. Nordstrom 'Megan' Sandal- My mom got these for Zoe to go with a dress she wore for Easter pictures. They are great for warmer weather and can be dressed up or down. I really like that both straps are adjustable. The heel strap also has padding to make them more comfortable and the toe strap has tiny flowers on it.
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March 4, 2014

How We Stayed Warm

Lately we have been having some intense weather. The trees were totally iced this morning! Other than blasting the heater we have been staying warm by keeping active (indoors of course). Unfortunately, my camera battery died so I had to use my phone at Kindermusik. But that is how we stayed warm. I had rolled my sleeves up by the end of class!
Zoe pulling the parrot around.
 Searching for treasure.
Zoe playing with her magnetic paper dolls from Uncle Will, Aunt Abby and Matthew!
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February 2014 Favorites

My February favorites are pretty blah because 1) we were very busy this month, 2) I was sick the majority of the month and I badly injured a finger which actually made it hard to do a lot of things and 3) it's the shortest month of the year so there are less new things to try (if that makes sense). I will also add that as a personal goal I did not shop at Target (not even online!) for the entire month of February. And let's be honest, that's where a good 95% of my favorites come from. March is shaping up to be just as busy but, thankfully, I have my health back. As usual, some of these items have only been used minimally but I can tell they will be favorites.

1. No Nonsense Ultra Low Liner- I picked these up from Kroger because they were buy one get one free and who doesn't like free stuff? I'm so glad I did because they actually stay on my feet as opposed to all other no show socks I have. They even have a little padding on the back of the heel that helps the sock stay up. Oh and they are actual sock material and not flimsy like pantyhose. They were only 2-3ish dollars for a 2 pack (plus the free pack)!
2. Loft Striped Cotton Layering Tee- I'm so glad I got this shirt because I wear it all the time. I also got the short sleeved version. It is so versatile- it can be dressed up or down and it's very easy to accessorize. It's sold out on the Loft website but there may be some left in stores. I also snagged this on sale (I try not to buy anything at Loft unless it is on sale because they have them all the time).
3. Nars Lip Lacquer in Chelsea Girls- This is more of a sheer gloss than a lacquer. I still love it but the name is misleading. Anyways, this stuff lasts pretty much all day. It is a thick formula but not sticky or tacky. It comes in a little pot so you will need a lip brush unless you are ok with sticking your dirty fingers in it.
4. Benefit Erase Paste- Once you hit a certain age it's time to get some good under eye concealer and my drugstore usuals weren't cutting it. This concealer has a salmon tint which is good for those blueish dark circles. I love the formula because it is thick without looking cakey. It claims to be creaseless but it is not. It creases a tiny, tiny bit.
5. Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo- Can you tell I took a trip to Ulta? This was by the register (damn you impulse buys) and I had to try it. Just because I got tired of Pureology shampoo and conditioner does not mean I am tired of their styling products. This is your typical dry shampoo however, there is no white residue. There is a very strong scent to this (almost as strong as a perfume) but it fades after a few hours.
6. Bliss No 'Zit' Sherlock Breakout-Busting Rubberizing Mask- Another Ulta buy but this was not an impulse buy. Even though I have been using my Clarisonic AND a sugar scrub in the morning my skin was feeling just gross. I don't know if it's this crappy weather or what. So I was in search of something to purge my skin. I feel like I have tried every mud mask but this one intrigued me. It really does feel like rubber when it dries and it doesn't hurt when you peel it off. I will say I recommend using half a packet of powder each use. I used half a packet and it was more than enough for my face so I went back and put more in problem areas. The mask didn't feel particularly tingly or anything but did make my skin feel so soft and clean. It reminded me of using a Biore strip without the pain.
7. Jané Rider Stroller- This is actually something I won (and I NEVER win anything!) at the launch party of Bayou City Mamas. Like I said, due to being sick I have only used this stroller a few times but I love it already. It is so smooth and easy to maneuver. There are even little shocks on it so baby doesn't get jostled. The handle bar is adjustable (which is a must for us taller people) and the wheels are positioned so you won't constantly be kicking them. It came with a cool diaper bag that attaches to the handle bar as well as a clear, plastic rain cover. The seat can also face towards or away from you. I have already been looking at accessories for it- mostly the little stand so Zoe can ride standing up if she doesn't want to sit down. *Side note- if you are in the Houston area you should check out this group! The launch event was so much fun (we went to Build-A-Bear where we sang songs, played games, read, ate breakfast and mingled) and I'm looking forward to more. Everyone gets a little goody bag with the newest and hottest baby products and you are automatically entered to win giveaways.
8. Steve Madden 'Ecentric' Pony Hair Flat- I have been wanting these shoes forever! I finally took the plunge and ordered them online. I'm glad I did because they are so versatile and they go with almost everything. These shoes look great with boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans. I think they will also look cute for shorts when it starts to get warmer. They are great for me because I'm always chasing after a toddler. They are comfortable AND cute!
9. Drystyle Blow Dry Bar- I have been curious about this place for so long so I finally made an appointment. It's not like a regular salon where you can get color and a cut. You can only get your hair washed and styled (they also offer extensions and makeup). This makes it a very relaxing environment because you are only there for 30-45 minutes and someone else plays with your hair. Do you know what else makes it relaxing? Mimosas! My blowout is going strong at 4 days. I could probably stretch it another day but I won't chance it because I have plans tomorrow. Drystyle is located at 9727 Spring Green Blvd., Suite 700.
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March 2, 2014

Zoe's Second Birthday Party!

This weekend we celebrated Zoe's second birthday with a party at My Gym! Zoe had so much fun with her family, friends, and Mymo the monkey. The party was like a My Gym class but with pizza, cake and goody bags at the end. Of course, I picked the train and bubbles as our two activities because they are Zoe's favorite. After her party we went home (for a nap that never happened). That evening we opened the rest of Zoe's presents with family.
Today we had a lazy morning while Nick did yard work. Even though it was freezing and raining the three of us had dinner at Rainforest Cafe. The host tried to seat us by the gorillas but Zoe was not having it. So he put us next to a butterfly within sight of a leopard and elephant. Zoe was much more interested in the animals than eating. When it was time to leave Nick went to get the car and I took Zoe over to an alligator. As soon as it moved she backed away so I picked her up and she said bye to all of the other animals. "Bye giraffe! Bye elephant! Bye monkey! Bye butterfly!"
Our little baby is two and she is so independent, unique, happy and inquisitive. She lights up every room she walks into and has the most joyful laugh. She loves cats, dancing, music, trains, dinosaurs, walking on her tip toes, stashing toys in secret hiding places and doing things on her own. Happy 2nd birthday Zoe!  
Zoe's kitty cookie cake.
One of her favorite things to do- dance on the trampoline!
Zoe and Nicole jumping on the trampoline together!
Haylee getting ready to bounce Andrew. :)
Circle time with a special guest- Mymo!
Zoe riding the big swing while waiting for the train to be set up.
Haylee enjoying the train- choo choo!
Zoe actually loves the train despite the serious look on her face.
Aunt Madison playing peek-a-boo!
Zoe zip lining- she loved it!
Andrew watching the bubbles in awe while Zoe and Dristan go after them!
Haylee is ready to get those bubbles!
This is a really cute picture of Zac and Nicole playing with the bubbles. :)
Haylee sat down next to Andrew after the bubble madness- sweet girl.
The kids were very much into dancing on the mat!
Zoe's birthday parade with Mymo!
My only attempt at getting a picture with all the kids and Mymo because some loved him and some not so much. ;) 
Mymo giving Zoe a hug.
Zoe having her birthday cake after pizza (and 2 juices).
Zoe laughing at her reflection in her old car seat mirror.
Almost impossible getting a good picture of the three of us so I'll just post them all.
Zoe opening her custom Hello Kitty shoes painted by Aunt Carrie!
Zoe with her Cabbage Patch Kid Doll from Aunt Meg!
Zoe opening the rest of her presents from her birthday party!
My 2 year old eating breakfast at her own table.
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