February 4, 2014

Matthew's 1st Birthday Party

I can't believe my nephew Matthew is already a year old. He is already walking (very well, might I add) and talking up a storm. My mom, Zoe, and I drove to Dallas last weekend to celebrate. Our trip was cut short due to icy conditions but it was for the best because Dallas got some snow. Here are a few pictures from Matthew's party! 
Zoe playing Matthew's piano and clapping for herself.
Trying to get the birthday boy to eat his cake.
That smile! He finally ate a bit of cake from Mom and Dad.
Gaga sharing a cupcake and ice cream with Zoe.
 The photographer attempting to get a picture of Gaga with her two grandkids.
 Zoe playing with another one of Matthew's toys! :)
 The best shot we could get of all of us.
Happy birthday to the sweetest baby boy I know, my nephew, Matthew!
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