March 2, 2014

Zoe's Second Birthday Party!

This weekend we celebrated Zoe's second birthday with a party at My Gym! Zoe had so much fun with her family, friends, and Mymo the monkey. The party was like a My Gym class but with pizza, cake and goody bags at the end. Of course, I picked the train and bubbles as our two activities because they are Zoe's favorite. After her party we went home (for a nap that never happened). That evening we opened the rest of Zoe's presents with family.
Today we had a lazy morning while Nick did yard work. Even though it was freezing and raining the three of us had dinner at Rainforest Cafe. The host tried to seat us by the gorillas but Zoe was not having it. So he put us next to a butterfly within sight of a leopard and elephant. Zoe was much more interested in the animals than eating. When it was time to leave Nick went to get the car and I took Zoe over to an alligator. As soon as it moved she backed away so I picked her up and she said bye to all of the other animals. "Bye giraffe! Bye elephant! Bye monkey! Bye butterfly!"
Our little baby is two and she is so independent, unique, happy and inquisitive. She lights up every room she walks into and has the most joyful laugh. She loves cats, dancing, music, trains, dinosaurs, walking on her tip toes, stashing toys in secret hiding places and doing things on her own. Happy 2nd birthday Zoe!  
Zoe's kitty cookie cake.
One of her favorite things to do- dance on the trampoline!
Zoe and Nicole jumping on the trampoline together!
Haylee getting ready to bounce Andrew. :)
Circle time with a special guest- Mymo!
Zoe riding the big swing while waiting for the train to be set up.
Haylee enjoying the train- choo choo!
Zoe actually loves the train despite the serious look on her face.
Aunt Madison playing peek-a-boo!
Zoe zip lining- she loved it!
Andrew watching the bubbles in awe while Zoe and Dristan go after them!
Haylee is ready to get those bubbles!
This is a really cute picture of Zac and Nicole playing with the bubbles. :)
Haylee sat down next to Andrew after the bubble madness- sweet girl.
The kids were very much into dancing on the mat!
Zoe's birthday parade with Mymo!
My only attempt at getting a picture with all the kids and Mymo because some loved him and some not so much. ;) 
Mymo giving Zoe a hug.
Zoe having her birthday cake after pizza (and 2 juices).
Zoe laughing at her reflection in her old car seat mirror.
Almost impossible getting a good picture of the three of us so I'll just post them all.
Zoe opening her custom Hello Kitty shoes painted by Aunt Carrie!
Zoe with her Cabbage Patch Kid Doll from Aunt Meg!
Zoe opening the rest of her presents from her birthday party!
My 2 year old eating breakfast at her own table.
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