April 2, 2014

March 2014 Favorites

1. Kendra Scott 'Rayne' Stone Tassel Pendant Necklace- I have wanted this necklace for a really long time and when I saw it in a new summer color (Violet, which is Zoe's middle name) I knew I had to get it. It is very versatile and I've been able to wear it with a lot of my existing clothing. 

2. Madison & Berkeley Long Sheer Knit Cardigan- This was another Nordstrom find from the Savvy department. This winter was unusually long so it came in handy for those cold days. It is great for layering over short sleeved shirts or tank tops.

3. Essie Playdate Nail Laquer- I'm not sure if this is a new color or not but when I saw it I was immediately drawn to it. The pastel shade is perfect for spring and I love the name. It seems appropriate for a SAHM like myself.

4. Archer Farms Milk Chocolate Mocha Truffle Almonds- I saw these for the first time in March and I picked them up. The mocha texture is a bit dry at first but these are so good. They are a nice treat instead of the dark chocolate almonds.

5. BVLGARI 'Charms-Omnia Coral' Eau de Toilette- This is an old perfume that I have started wearing again. I usually don't have summer or winter perfumes but this one seemed perfect for warmer weather. I also like that it is in a smaller travel size. That way I can have more perfumes and not feel like the large sizes are going to waste. I'm no fragrance expert so here are the fragrance notes from the website:
  • - Goji berries: sparkling-citrus allure.
    - Hibiscus flower: fresh, floral, fruity scent.
    - Pomegranate: sweet-tart aroma

    6. Method Gel Handwash Summer Limited Edition in Brambleberry Gelato, Orange Ginger Sorbet, and Vanilla Crème- I love it when Method comes out with new scents. As soon as I saw these in Target I snapped up all 3. We always need hand soap. Of course, I smelled them all before I got them and I loved them all. I have only been able to use the Vanilla but I will be ready to try a new one soon. This hand wash is great- foams just the right amount and the scent lingers for a little bit but is not overwhelming.

    7. Tanwise Dark Bronzing Sunless Mousse- I have tried so many sunless tanners and (so far) this is one of the best. My previous favorite is discontinued so I'm always on the hunt for a good and affordable self tanner. A few things I love about it: the consistency, the color guide (more dark olive green than orange), and the smell. Is does not smell like a self tanner! Things I don't like: it can go on patchy and it takes a long time to dry. So far I love the color it gives me and it is build-able. I applied mine on Sunday and Monday night and I don't have any fading or the dreaded patches.

    8. Bobeau Screenprint Shirttail Tee- As soon as I saw this I knew it was something I needed in my closet. I must say this at least 3 times a day while trying to pick out an outfit to wear. This shirt is slightly cropped so I like to wear it with a camisole or high waist jeans. It's very comfortable and because it is a neutral it's versatile.

    9. Wallykazam- This is more of a thing for Zoe's list but I think it's a really cute show. It's one that I like to watch too. For some reason Zoe thinks this show is hilarious and laughs so much when she watches it. It's educational (obviously!) and she is at an age where she can answer the questions correctly. It is definitely a show that keeps her engaged.
    1. Cherokee Necklace- I am always looking for age appropriate accessories for Zoe so I bought this for her at Target. It coordinates with a lot of her clothing and when she sees me wearing a necklace I can give her this one to wear.

    2. Cascadian Farms Fruitful-O's- I'm pretty sure this has been on MY favorites list before (they are delicious) but Zoe has recently been loving these. Not sure if she is going through a growth spurt but a typical breakfast for her is a banana, some berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, or raspberries), sometimes a pear or orange, milk, a few bites of whatever I'm having, and sometimes she will still be hungry so that's when I give her cereal. If we have morning plans I will give her a plate of fruit at home and then give her some cereal in the car. 

    3. Peppa Pig- Nick and I got this for Zoe for her birthday. She really loves this show ("more pig!" is what she says). So we got this because it's super cute and it talks when you squeeze it. She loves to hold it when watching the show. 

    4. Boon Animal Bag- Zoe has 4 billion stuffed animals and I was looking for a storage option that would also show off her collection. I came across this and it didn't seem like it would work and it was kind of expensive compared to the little hammock I also bought. It got good reviews so I ordered it anyways. Wow- I'm so glad I gave it a chance! The material is very high quality and soft. The zipper is also high quality and I have no trouble with it. I was able to fit all 4 billion stuffed animals into it with some room to spare. I keep it in the living room and Zoe uses it as a pillow to lounge on. Boon also makes a larger size that I have my eye on.

    5. Melissa & Doug Chloe & Zoe Magnetic Dolls- This was another birthday present Zoe received and she absolutely loves it. When she first got it she played with the dolls for almost an hour all by herself. She plays with the magnets on a daily basis (poor kid doesn't have any magnets because all our appliances are stainless steel) and is always carrying the dolls around.

    6. Play doh- I put Play doh in the goodie bags at Zoe's party and when I gave her hers to play with she went crazy for it. She wanted ALL the colors so I gave her two which she promptly mixed, took to bed with her, and it had hardened by the morning. I got some more tiny party sized tubs so she can have a little bit of every color. So far she just carries it around but I'm not surprised she doesn't like squishing it between her fingers.

    7. Toddler table and chairs- This was another one of Zoe's birthday presents. She eats almost every meal at her table and she loves it. She also likes to play with certain toys and she likes to have tea parties (so cute) there. 

    8. Bo-Po Peel Off Nail Polish- I have had some Piggy Polish for Zoe probably since she was born but I quickly realized she would never stay still long enough for her nails to dry. When I saw this set at Nordstrom I wanted to try it. I love all of the colors and it dries SO fast! Like under 30 seconds fast. It's non-toxic and peels off very easily. Zoe loves it and she has learned how to hold her hands out when her nails are drying. Soon she will be ready to go get manicures and pedicures with me!

    9. Nordstrom 'Megan' Sandal- My mom got these for Zoe to go with a dress she wore for Easter pictures. They are great for warmer weather and can be dressed up or down. I really like that both straps are adjustable. The heel strap also has padding to make them more comfortable and the toe strap has tiny flowers on it.
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