May 7, 2014

A Guide to the Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Even though Mother's Day is just four days away I thought I would share some helpful tips for picking out the perfect gift. 
1. Always give a card- This can be store bought, hand made, or even just a nice note. I love to get cards and display them around the house for a week or two. If you get a store bought version be sure to write something personal inside. 
2. Think of what mom really wants- If the mom in question works outside the home she may love a day with the kids. If the mom in question is a stay at home mom she may prefer to sleep in or have her husband take the kids out of the house for the day. (I am a SAHM and I absolutely love my job but I will be sleeping in on Sunday and only leaving the house unless I really want to). If mom has grown kids (that are moms themselves) she may want to do something with her kids and grandkids or go on a grown-up date with her child. Follow through with what mom says she wants.
3. Gifts don't have to be expensive- I don't know how much to stress this but most often the best gifts are FREE (see my above plans for Sunday). If you want to go all out and get an expensive gift that is fine too! But I can guarantee you that all moms will appreciate a homemade card, homemade gift (no matter how old the gift giver is), a phone call, a coupon book (you know- free hugs, good for one kitchen helper, etc.), breakfast/lunch/dinner in bed, or simply just time with their kids. 
I hope this is helpful in deciding how to celebrate all the wonderful moms in your life!
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